Norwegian pelagic fleet on good herring with foreigners landing mackerel north wind norwegian herring NVG-Herring

Norwegian fishing leader, Kåre Heggebø, has expressed their concern over some pelagic fishing opportunities in 2024

“Hooray – now the Norwegian Sea Spring Herring fishing has begun!” says Dorthe Iselin Austevoll, with Norges Sildesalgslag as she reports on the Norwegian pelagic fisheries in Week 39 of 2023.


Norwegian Sea Spring Herring (NVG herring)

Finally, the NVG herring fishing has started. Fiskebank reported 630 tonnes. Two boats, Vendla and Norderveg, have also commenced fishing.



The mackerel fishing was somewhat affected by bad weather, but there was good fishing over the weekend in the UK zone. A total of 26,817 tonnes were caught in the UK zone and 2,677 tonnes in the Norwegian zone.


 Blue Whiting

This week, 830 tonnes of blue whiting were also caught by foreign vessels.


The Edge (Kanten)

Six boats have reported from The Edge, where 815 tonnes of blue whiting, 437 tonnes of horse mackerel, and 1,280 tonnes of Norway pout were caught.


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