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Norwegian Pelagic Fishing Report – Week 23 of 2024: Norges Sildesalgslag reports that the mackerel fishing has kicked-off in northern waters. Photo: Norges Sildesalgslag

Mackerel Fishing Kicks Off in the North as North Sea Herring Faces Wind Challenges



The mackerel fishing season in the north has officially begun, with Kapella being the first boat out, delivering a catch of 15 tonnes to Lofoten Viking over the weekend. There has also been some mackerel fishing activity in the south by the smaller fleet, although activity was lower over the weekend. In total, 149 tonnes of mackerel were reported last week.


North Sea Herring:

For North Sea herring, a total of 11,705 tonnes have been reported. The fishing has been challenging, and despite a brief surge on Thursday, the northerly winds over the fields during the weekend have led to a decrease in the number of boats in the area. However, the herring are now slightly larger, and more are being used for consumption. The forecasts indicate that the northerly winds will continue for a few more days, but it is hoped that a change in the weather towards the weekend will improve the fishing conditions.


The sandeel fishing remains slow, with only 1,940 tonnes reported. Several boats are on the edge, towing, but there’s not much to report from there.


Blue Whiting:

Additionally, 1,403 tonnes of blue whiting have been caught.


These updates highlight the dynamic conditions faced by the fishing industry, with the weather playing a significant role in the success of the catch. As the northerly winds persist, fishermen remain hopeful for better conditions in the coming days.


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