The first-hand value of fisheries by the Norwegian fishing fleet adjusted for inflation, has increased 60% over the past 20 years Helge Skavlan

Norwegian Pelagic Fishing Report – Week 21 of 2024: Norges Sildesalgslag reports increased activity in North Sea herring fishing.  Photo: Norges Sildesalgslag

Increased activity in North Sea herring fishing, reports Norges Sildesalgslag for week 21 of 2024.

The North Sea herring fishing industry has seen a significant increase in activity, with multiple vessels reporting substantial catches across various species.


Blue Whiting:

A total of 3,926 tonnes of blue whiting has been reported. Of this, 2,126 tonnes were caught by eight vessels at Kanten, while an additional 1,800 tonnes were delivered by a Faroese vessel on 22 May to Pelagia Karmsund.

The industrial fleet has also been active, catching 373 tonnes of argentine, 42 tonnes of silvery pout, and 10 tonnes of Norway pout alongside the blue whiting.


A reported 90 tonnes of mackerel have been set aside in lock from Sunnmøre to Lysefjorden near Stavanger.


Horse Mackerel:

A total of 26 tonnes of horse mackerel has been reported, with a significant portion, 22 tonnes, delivered to Skude. The remaining catch consists of smaller quantities from the industrial fleet.


North Sea Herring:

There has been considerable activity from 10.00 am onwards during the day, with over 20 boats operating in the field from 59 to 60 degrees, around the Heimsdalfeltet area. Additionally, 3-4 boats are searching further south, west of Stavanger. Out of the total 6,368 tonnes caught, 5,107 tonnes have been processed for fishmeal and oil, with a fat content of approximately 12%.


Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring:

A small lock catch of three tonnes has been reported in Møre.



Sandeel catches remain low, with a total of 678 tonnes reported this week. While larger catches were reported early in the week, activity decreased towards the end. Currently, four vessels are operating in the southern North Sea field.

The increased fishing activity highlights the industrious efforts of the fleets and underscores the importance of these species to the fishing industry. With various species being caught and reported, the sector continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the marine environment.


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