norwegian consultation quota report Norway will not close Russian fishing vessels out of their EEZ and will still be allowed to fish in and land their catches in Norwegian ports

Norwegian Minister for Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Bjørnar Skjæran announces a consultation in relation to the work on a new quota report

The Norwegian Minister for Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Bjørnar Skjæran has announced a consultation in relation to the work on a new quota report for the fishing fleet there.

The Labour Party and the Center Party announced in the Hurdal Platform that the government will prepare a new quota report that provides predictability for the fishing industry, and which ensures settlement, activity and profitability along the entire coast. The consultation that is now being sent out concerns four key topics in the forthcoming quota report.

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“Fish in the sea is the property of the community and now we are laying the foundation for a new and fair direction in fisheries policy. The fishing industry will provide increased activity, greater value creation and more year-round jobs in local communities along the entire coast, in addition to good income opportunities in all fleet groups,” says Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs Bjørnar Skjæran.

He continued, “To succeed with that, I will cooperate well with both the organisations in the fishing industry and the fishing-dependent coastal communities.”

The Minister believes that broad support in the industry is necessary as a clear signal to the Storting, if one is to achieve predictability that provides an opportunity to further develop the entire industry.

“The previous government spent six years presenting a quota report that neither gathered broad support nor provided the necessary clarifications for the industry. If the industry is to have the opportunity to develop, a good process is needed, and therefore I hope many will use the opportunity to give a well-worked answer to the consultation,” said Skjæran.


The hearing that is being broadcast now concerns four key topics:

  1. Framework conditions for the smallest coastal fishing fleet
  2. Group division in the coastal fishing fleet and relevant size restrictions
  3. Distribution of structural gain from expired time limit in the structural quota scheme
  4. Quota distribution for Northeast Arctic cod and NVG herring

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