Brusøyskjær fishing vessel for sdale

Ivan Ulsund Rederi AS in Rørvik in Trøndelag, Norway has put their fishing vessel “Brusøyskjær” up for sale along with fishing quotas

Ivan Ulsund Rederi AS in Rørvik in Trøndelag, Norway is selling their fishing vessel “Brusøyskjær” along with the vessels fishing quotas.

Norwegian fishing magazines state that the “Brusøyskjær” is being cold due to financial pressure and the owners are hoping the sale will bag them around a half million Norwegian Kroner or around €50 million.

The “Brusøyskjær” would be familiar to some people as the pelagic pair trawler was formerly known as “Girl Stephanie” when she was under the ownership of the Conneely family who operate from Killybegs.

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The 45-metre purse-seiner/trawler was bought in 2018 to replace another company fishing boat called the “Trøndekari”

Managing Director Eirik Ulsund of Ivan Ulsund Rederi AS, which through the company Trønderkari AS, owns the boat confirmed that the vessel and quotas are to be sold.

Ivan Ulsund Rederi AS are currently in the process of getting a new pelagic fishing boat called the “Trønderbas” built at Westcon Yards and the company has confirmed that this is the reason the “Brusøyskjær” has been put on the market.

Brusøyskjær fishing vessel for sale

“It is true that M/S Brusøyskjær has been put up for sale with rights. The reason for this is that Ivan Ulsund Rederi AS wants to consolidate operations around “Trønderbas”,” says Eirik Ulsund. At the same time, he can say that the new building for “Trønderbas” was fully financed before “Brusøyskjær” was put up for sale.

In the accounts for 2021, the owner company Trøndekari AS has stated a debt to banks and financial institutions of NOK 258 million (€25m). The vessel is financed by Sparebank1 SNM, which has a mortgage of NOK 600 million (€583M).

In 2022, the fishing rights with the vessel has given the owners a quota of 2,545 tonnes of mackerel, 3,502 tonnes of NVG herring, 1,096 tonnes of North Sea herring/herring south of 62 degrees, and 240 tonnes of haddock.

Brusøyskjær fishing vessel for sale

When the “Brusøyskjær” was bought in 2018, it was a pair trawler. After the purchase, it was converted into a purse-seiner and pelagic trawler, while a total of NOK 13 million (€1.3m) was invested in measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption. More steel was also added to the keel.

“One of the things we noticed was that the vessel was a bit “loose” when we were fishing with a trawl. The load on the ship will be different when it has to tow a trawl instead of acting as a pair trawler. We have therefore put more steel on the keel,” skipper Ivan Ulsund explained to Kystmagasinet when the vessel was rebuilt and upgraded at Karstensens Shipyard.

Ivan Ulsund Shipping Company had the Danish consulting company Noenco ((Nordic Energy Consulting) create a measures report to see what measures could make the vessel more energy efficient. The shipping company’s plan was originally just to install SRC (catalyst). The shipping company already had this for ten years since installed on the shipping company’s other vessel, “Trønderbas”.

Brusøyskjær fishing vessel for sale

The proposed action plan included, among other things, energy-saving measures such as changes to the propeller and upgrading the nozzle, floating frequency on shaft generator, software upgrade of autopilot and combinator curves, and change of gears in the reduction gear in order to use the engine power from the main engine as efficiently as possible, as well as regulation of pumps.

The boat recently returned to fishing in September this year after a rebuild was complete.

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