Norwegian pelagic boats report 12,000 tonnes each of mackerel and NVG herring so far this week. Photo: M/S Vea (2021)

Norwegian pelagic boats report 12000 tonnes of mackerel and 12000 tonnes NVG herring so far this week. Photo: M/S Vea 2021

Norges Sildesalgslag has reported 12,000 tonnes of mackerel and 12,000 tonnes of NVG herring have been caught in the first half of this week.

“We can call this a positive start to the week, even if we wish there was more mackerel,” says sales manager Kenneth Garvik

The large mackerel fleet is now located along the edge of Storegga. There is a lot of trawling, but there has also been so much collection of mackerel in periods that some vessels have had good purse seines, according to Garvik.

“It has been a good mackerel fishing for the smaller lockers along the west coast and it is gratifying,” says Garvik.

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Around 256,000 tonnes of the Norwegian quota have now been taken. Of the 12,000 tonnes taken so far this week, around 4,000 have been taken by foreign vessels. Around 1,700 tonnes come from the British zone while the rest is taken by foreign vessels in the Norwegian zone.

“It is more unstable weather on the way, wind on Thursday and Friday will probably hamper the mackerel fishing then before better weather is reported on Saturday,” Garvik says.

12,000 tonnes of NVG herring have been reported from the western edge of Tromsøflaket so far this week.

“Right now, there is bad weather and few boats on the field, but with better weather prospects in the north, we expect more boats to take the trip out on the herring fields,” says Garvik and adds that a lot of herring has been registered over large areas.

26,900 tonnes of NVG herring were landed last week, mostly taken north of Tromsø. Slightly bad weather marked the week, but both Monday, Thursday and Friday there were over 6,800 tonnes in the record. Good quality of herring was reported, which holds at most 260-280 grams on average.

An Icelandic vessel also delivered 1,540 tonnes of herring in Norway, caught close to Iceland. Here the average weight was a little higher, around 370 grams.

The mackerel volume ended at 18,284 tonnes last week, with foreign vessels accounting for around 7,800 tonnes. Sunday was by far the best day with over 7,270 tonnes registered. A large fleet was, and is, active in the fields northwest of Ålesund.

A lot has been caught with trawls, although more nets have been caught in recent days. Of the foreign catches, around 4,900 come from EU waters, while the rest are taken in the Norwegian zone. A lot of the fish also takes place at night.

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