Norwegian blue whiting fishing is well underway, several boats are fishing capelin, and NVG herring is coming to an end in Week 09 of 2022

Norwegian blue whiting fishing is well underway, several boats are fishing capelin, and NVG herring is coming to an end in Week 09 of 2022

Norges Sildesalgslag has reported the blue whiting fishing is well underway, with several of their fishing vessels actively on the capelin, while NVG herring fishing is coming to an end in Week 09 of 2022.

Roar Bjånesøy, Head of Communications at Norges Sildesalgslag reports:

Blue whiting:

Christina E was the first boat out with a catch on March 03. So far, 10 vessels have fished around 16,500 tonnes of the total quota this year of just over 200,000 tonnes.

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“There was some fishing in the international zone at the beginning of the week, but then the fleet pulled into the EU zone this weekend,” says sales manager Knut Halvor Møgster. Observations of large quantities of blue whiting in the EU zone have been reported from both Norwegian and foreign vessels in various areas.

For a boat with a full blue whiting quota of almost 3,300 tonnes, around 2,400 tonnes can be fished in the EU zone this year.  

“There are 6-7 vessels on the field now, and a few more on the way, we expect even fishing throughout,” says Møgster.

The blue whiting catches have been delivered in Norway, Denmark and in Killybegs in Ireland.


After Talbor and Birkelandd started capelin fishing last week with around 500 tonnes each, several boats have been active this week, most of the catch from the 19 vessels came this weekend. 

The catches in the past week have been taken from the west of Malangen and to the Baltic Sea, with the majority caught outside the Flea Sea. Parts of the fleet are now assembled at Makkaur.

“The catches go to consumption and good quality of capelin is reported. Maturation is 15-22 percent depending on the area in which it is fished,” says Møgster.  

With the last deadline for sailing for the coastal fleet on Friday 11 March, fishing is expected to intensify throughout the week. According to Møgster, good deposits of capelin from various fields are also reported.

So far, 10,000 tonnes of the total quota of 42,000 tonnes have been fished. The catches have been delivered as far south as Skude.

NVG herring:

12,600 tonnes were registered in the past week, almost halving the quantity from the week before. 3,500 tonnes had been taken by foreign vessels, around 1,500 tonnes on the Møre coast, while most had been taken west of Brønnøysund and further north.

“Friday was the last big day for roe herring and there have only been smaller catches since then,” says Møgster. “With more spilled herring in the catches, we expect winter fishing of NVG herring to come to an end.”

Horse mackerel

Three catches totalling 30 tonnes have been taken in the fjords around Bergen and delivered to Skude and Florø.

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Norwegian blue whiting season well under way in Week 09 of 2022

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