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 Capelin fishing in Iceland is long overdue but the fleet continues good fishing on NVG herring in Week 3. Photo: Norges Sildesalgslag /Stein Magnar Melingen (2018)

Norges Sildesalgslag has reported that capelin fishing in Iceland is long overdue but the fleet has good fishing with NVG herring in the north in spite of challenging weather in the Northern Seas off Norway and in Iceland.

Regardless of a little controversy over Norwegian boats being forced to travel home to land their capelin rather than being given the option of landing in Iceland or the Faroe Islands, the pelagic fishing organisation has not recorded any exciting catches from their boats, as Sales Manager Roar Bjånesøy reports:


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“The capelin season so far has been characterised by storms with short weather windows where only a few vessels have been caught, so far 620 tonnes distributed over 4 vessels.

“On Friday, most of the fleet went ashore in Iceland when there were no conditions for seine fishing. On Sunday night, there are a few boats that are out searching but so far without a catch. More vessels have gone out on Monday, but better weather is reported.

“Last year we had the first big day with capelin fishing 04 February where 5,035 tonnes were reported distributed on 9 vessels. So, we are still early in the season, and we hope it will be more catch for purse seines in the near future.”

On NVG-Herring, Bjånesøy says:

“NVG herring fishing in the north has also been characterised by a lot of wind, but there is still herring in the Kvænangsfjord that means that there has been good fishing activity here when they have been prepared for the weather conditions. The journal shows around 11,800 tonnes registered in week 3, which is around half the same as that week last year, but then a larger number of vessels were fishing for herring. The herring at Kvænangen and outside is around 220-290g in size while the catch of 200 tonnes from the Norwegian Sea was 330g on average.”

Mackerel fishing has seen a number of foreign boats landing in from the Shetland grounds. Bjånesøy says:

“Deliveries from foreign vessels picked up further in week 3 with 11 vessels, a couple of Danish and the rest British, which arrived with almost 14,000 tonnes.

“The catches were taken around 50 nm west of Shetland and the size of the mackerel is 410-460 grams and good quality mackerel is reported. We are still behind last year in the delivery of mackerel from foreign vessels.”

Bjånesøy reports a few landings of horse mackerel:

“183 tonnes of horse mackerel were registered a week. 60 tonnes were from one of the foreign vessels, while the rest were taken in six catches from the Sognefjord in the north to the Boknafjord in the south.”

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Norges Sildesalgslag reports capelin fishing is long overdue in Week 3

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