NIFA NIFO High Court ruling

NIFA and NIFO welcome Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine’s decison to appeal the High Court ruling on lifting the six-mile limit ban

Both the National Inshore Fishermen’s Association CLG (NIFA) and the National Inshore Fishermen’s Organisation CLG (NIFO) have welcomed the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s decision to appeal the High Court decision to allow fishing vessels in length to continue operating inside the Irish six-mile limit. 

In their joint statement, they say:

“Both NIFA and NIFO welcome the Minister’s decision to appeal the ruling of the High Court’s judicial review and sincerely hope that the State is successful in getting the stay being soughton the orders granted  therein. We appreciate any appeals process may be lengthy and we understand the need for due process. Acknowledging that it is extremely important for the future of the Inshore Sector that the stay order be granted, particularly given the increase in activity of larger vessels inside the 6nm limit in recent weeks, since the High Court’s ruling.

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“Many of our members disagree with the ruling of the High Court, which was critical of the consultation process leading up to the decision. They see no issue with the process which saw an unprecedented response. The Judgement refers to dependency. In terms of dependency, inshore vessels are far more dependent than larger vessels on the resources inside the 6nm limit. In the context of Sprat, we have members that are highly dependent on sprat exclusively inside the 6nm limit. They had no issues with the consultation process but are likely to go out of business if the stay order isn’t granted as they cannot compete alongside larger industrial vessels operating in our Inshore waters.”

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NIFA and NIFO welcome Minister’s decision to appeal High Court ruling

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