New fishing industry docudrama “Fiserne” hits Norwegian TV today

New fishing industry docudrama “Fiskerne” hits Norwegian TV today

“The life of a fisherman is tough. Those who succeed earn big money, but it requires hard work and good old-fashioned fishing luck. Is this Norway’s toughest job,” asks NRK in its advance review of the documentary series premiering on NRK1, today, Monday 29 August.

NRK’s ​​documentary series “Fiskerne” follows a bunch of coastal fishermen over the course of a year, from spectacular Lofoten in the midnight sun to intense autumn storms in Western Norway.

NRK follows closely some of the Norwegian coast’s colourful and hard-working fishermen through a year of waiting, lean fishing and big catches.

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“The crew on board the small fishing boats along the coast have some of the most demanding jobs in Norway,” writes NRK in its advance review.

Skipper Geir Stuve Rommetveit (40) is the oldest of the three in the picture (above). Jarand Grøndal (22) and Rune Sangolt (38) are also from Vestland.

Rommetveit says he was hesitant to join the series and hopes anyway that the viewers will get an insight into what it is really like to be at sea.

He started without a foothold in the industry himself and has built his way up, particularly within pelagic fisheries, and now owns two vessels. At home in Fitjar in Vestland, he has “Stording” and “Torgny”.

He describes a main challenge on board that the production team was in the way all the time.

Precisely that is also a bit of NRK’s ​​ambition with the series, to show what life is really like at sea; in all kinds of weather, on partly small vessels and with various types of events and challenges in addition to the excitement, risk and fascination – and the joy you have in your work as a fisherman.

The series is made by the company Mothership for NRK and has a total of eight episodes.

The episodes can also be seen in NRK’s ​​media player

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