Chris Andra - Karstensen Shipyard

The new CHRIS ANDRA for Klondyke Fishing Company which will be built by Karstensen Shipyard

Klondyke Fishing Company has placed an order for a 75,80 m Pelagic Trawler newbuilding with Karstensen Shipyard.

#489 will carry the proud name “Chris Andra” and will sail from her homeport of Fraserburgh, Scotland.

Klondyke Fishing Company is owned and headed by well-known Tait family of Fraserburgh.

The Tait family business stretches decades back; first newly built vessel was wooden-hulled “Fertile”, FR 305, built in 1962. Brothers Andrew, Robert and Willie Tait developed the business with multiple additions to the fleet, constantly being on the forefront with new and modern vessels, during 1970’s and 80’s. Named after the brothers’ parents, the first “Chris Andra”, built in 1975, was at the time the biggest pelagic/purse seiner in the UK – and one the very most successful.

Klondyke Fishing Company was established as a limited company in 1985 integrating the brother’s business and with next generation deeply involved as skippers and shareholders. Today Klondyke Fishing Company remains a strong family business with 3 generations involved. Current fleet of modern pelagic trawlers consists of “Challenge” built in 2005, “Chris Andra” built in 2006 and “Taits” delivered in 2019.

Chris Andra - Karstensen Shipyard

The new vessel will operate along the same pattern as the existing vessels, with a traditional pelagic trawl fishery, where crew safety and quality of catches are of primary importance, complimented by modern designs and low exhaust emissions.

Karstensen Shipyard is extremely proud of this new order, being the yards first association with the Tait family. This contract only strengthens the strong relationship between NE Scotland pelagic fleet and Karstensen Shipyard.

Karstensen Shipyard offers a complete concept, where all solutions are optimized, and tailor made to customer specifications and requirements. Karstensen is independent of all suppliers, which makes such an optimization very flexible.

The design, specification and arrangements of #489 “Christ Andra” is a result of an extensive and close cooperation between Owners and Yard, where all details are tailor made to suit Owners exact specifications. And with Owners and Yard exchanging experiences and optimizing all parts.

The focus has been on optimizing catch quality and hygiene, to allow the new “Chris Andra” to land first class quality pelagic fish. Working environment, safety and comfort for the crew, has also been major issues during design works.

Chris Andra - Karstensen Shipyard

Most main suppliers are already chosen, and many represent repeats of owner’s previous choices of suppliers, such as Bergen Engines and Karmøy Winch, giving testimony to satisfaction with these products. New “Chris Andra” is scheduled for delivery in July 2026.


Main dimensions:

Length overall 75,80 m

Breadth moulded 15,60 m

Depth shelter deck 9,20 m


Summary of main equipment:

Propulsion plant – Bergen Engines, 7200 kW

Winches – Karmøy Winch

Cranes – Karmøy Winch

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