The Fishing Daily Podcast Series 4 Episode 01

In this latest episode of The Fishing Daily Podcast, host Oliver McBride is joined by guest Chris Ranford, CEO of Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation (CFPO) and National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) Chairperson and talk about navigating challenges and embracing opportunities in the southwest England fisheries

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Opportunities in Southwest Fisheries

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In the latest Fishing Daily podcast, Oliver McBride interviews Chris Ranford, CEO of CFPO and Chairperson of NFFO, delving into the challenges and opportunities in Southwest fisheries, particularly addressing the recent zero quota on pollack stock for 2024.


Key Questions and Responses:
  1. Alignment of ICES Advice with On-Ground Experience:

   – McBride questions ICES advice alignment with on-ground observations.

   – Ranford expresses frustration, urging quicker decision-making for tangible solutions.

  1. Impact of Zero-Catch Policy on Southwest Fishermen:

   – Discussion on forced diversification and safety concerns.

   – Ranford addresses unintended consequences and increased efforts on other fisheries.

  1. Interactions Between CFPO, Defra, and Salvaging Attempts:

   – Exploration of interactions and need for a clear pathway.

   – Ranford highlights ongoing conversations and support for affected individuals.

  1. Compensation and Managing Future Scenarios:

   – Advocacy for compensation and balanced management in the future.

   – Emphasis on considering safety and effects on other fisheries.

Insights into Fisheries Management Plans and Marine Developments:

Chris Ranford discusses challenges amid marine developments:

  1. Competing Marine Industries:

   – Acknowledgment of ambitious marine goals.

   – Concerns about the impact on the fishing industry, emphasising representation.

  1. Concerns about Planning and Decision Making:

   – Stress on the vital role of the fishing industry in decision-making.

   – Advocacy for industry representation in marine planning processes.

  1. Fishing Industry’s Importance:

   – Emphasis on significance for food security and job creation.

   – Advocacy for reshaping industry representation.

  1. Advocacy for Fishing Industry:

   – The need to advocate for coastal communities and national importance.

   – Emphasis on highlighting the industry’s role.

  1. Role in Food Security and Nature Recovery:

   – Stress on the industry’s role in food security and nature recovery.

   – Advocacy for aligning fishing with nature recovery goals.

Discussion on Video and Research:

Insights into a CFPO video and associated research:

  1. Diverse Fishery in Cornwall:

   – Confirmation of the CFPO video promoting Cornwall’s diverse fishery.

   – Recognition of various vessel types and fishing techniques.

  1. Varied Fleet Reflecting the Fishery:

   – Recognition of a diverse fishery mirrored by varied fishing methods.

   – Highlight of the abundance of Cornwall’s fishery.

  1. Research Commissioned by CFPO:

   – Mention of the video as part of the “True Value of Seafood to Cornwall” research.

   – The necessity of sharing the industry’s vision.

Insights into Cornwall Fishing Strategy:

Chris Ranford details the Cornwall Fishing Strategy:

  1. Background and Purpose:

   – Acknowledgment of industry challenges leading to the strategy.

   – Commissioned partnership with local entities three years ago.

  1. Engagement and Development:

   – Extensive engagement with key stakeholders.

   – One-day workshop with representatives from Defra and MMO.

  1. Strategic Pillars:

   – Four identified pillars: Science and Sustainability, Ports and Harbors, Markets, and Careers.

   – Development of short projects aligned with pillars.

  1. Projects and Initiatives:

   – Mention of successful initiatives.

   – Transition to long-term investments and attracting proper investment.

Cornwall Fishing Strategy Implementation:

Chris Ranford focuses on the impact:

  1. True Value of Seafood to Cornwall Report:

   – Highlights socioeconomic importance, contributing £174 million annually.

   – Emphasis on the link between fishing, tourism, and hospitality.

  1. Implementation of the Cornwall Fishing Strategy:

   – Short projects based on the strategy.

   – Evidence-based decision-making using the True Value report.

  1. Training and Professional Pathways:

   – Recognition of the need to attract and support young people.

   – Development of fishing apprenticeship standards and addressing challenges.

  1. Young Fisherman’s Network:

   – Evolution to a network focused on social interactions.

   – Appointment of a coordinator to facilitate events.

Social Aspect, Optimism, and Climate Change Opportunities:

Chris Ranford highlights the social aspect, industry optimism, and climate change opportunities:

  1. Social Aspect of Fishing:

   – Emphasis on camaraderie among fishermen.

  1. Industry Optimism and Collaboration:

   – Optimism despite challenges.

   – Stress on collaboration to navigate challenges.

  1. New Opportunities Due to Climate Change:

   – Discussion on changing dynamics, including crawfish fishery resurgence.

   – Emphasis on proactive management and collaboration with scientists.

Discussion on Tourism and Adapting to Changes:

Oliver McBride and Chris Ranford discuss potential changes becoming a tourist attraction:

– McBride suggests changes could be a new tourist attraction.

– Ranford agrees, emphasising government recognition of evolving fisheries.

This episode provides a comprehensive overview of challenges, opportunities, and strategic initiatives in Southwest fisheries. It emphasises collaboration, effective management, and industry advocacy for a sustainable and thriving future.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Opportunities in Southwest Fisheries

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Navigating Challenges and Embracing Opportunities in Southwest Fisheries

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