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It has been reported that a movement has been made on fisheries in the negotiations between the EU and the UK in the ongoing Brexit talks

It has been reported that there has been a movement tonight on the issue of fisheries in the ongoing negotiations between the EU and the UK.

A senior EU diplomatic source told Sky News Correspondent, Adam Parsons, “It seems we are very nearly at the landing zone for fishing. It is now not the issue things are stuck on.”

Part of the deal seems to be that the UK will drop the ‘offending clauses in the Internal Market and Finance Bills provided there’s a “long-term legal solution” to outstanding issues around the  NI Protocol, and that are “satisfactory to both sides” according to RTÉ.

Part of the shift may be a change in the French stance on fisheries.

In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, French Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune today, said that France accepts that “100%” of present fishing quotas in UK waters are “finished”.

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But in the interview the Europe Minister, Beaune said that they intend to defend French fishermen rights to fish in UK waters up to the right of veto.

The news comes as the French fishing industry who was promised by President Macron, that nothing would change for the industry post-transition period.

The shift in position from the French could open the door for an agreement between EU and the UK but there is still uncertainty whether an agreement can be reached in the next few days.

On the issue of fishing, Beaune said,

“On January 1, the face of Brexit will be that of the fisherman. In the event of a no deal, our European fishermen will no longer have access to British waters. But in the event of an agreement, we have always said that it would no longer be the status quo. 100% access to fishing quotas in the United Kingdom’s maritime zone, we know it’s over. But we need broad and sustainable access. The British cannot on the one hand want access to our entire single European market and, on the other, exclude fishing from it. I was in Boulogne on Thursday morning, we know that beyond French and European fishermen, we are talking about territories and a processing sector. There is morally and politically no reason to make French fishermen pay for the dramatic consequences of a referendum in favour of Brexit in which they did not take part. It is unjustifiable.”

Mr Beaune did warn “If the deal was not good and not in line with our interests, we France could veto it.”

Is that why you brandished the threat of the French veto this week? 

“In this test of sovereignty, the European Union must defend its own, its interests and its model. We will do it. If there is an agreement, we will evaluate the text, analyse it. But, if the agreement was not good and not in accordance with our interests, and in particular for the fishermen, we, France, like each Member State, could veto it.”

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Movement reported on Fisheries in EU-UK negotiations

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