Maritime Systems donates £5,220 to the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society from latest I-VMS subscriptions. The MMO suspends Type Approved I-VMS Device MS44 from provider Maritime Systems

The MMO suspends Type Approved I-VMS Device MS44 from provider Maritime Systems

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has suspended Type Approved I-VMS Device MS44 from provider Maritime Systems.

This is the second time the Inshore-Vessel Monitoring System (I-VMS) device has been suspended from the MMO’s list of approved suppliers. The MS44 device was approved by the MMO in November 2021 but after The Fishing Daily investigation revealed issues, it’s type approval was suspended on 08 March 2022. The device was reinstated again by the MMO on 11 March 2022 following a MMO review of “supporting information”.

James Glover, Director of Maritime Services told The Fishing Daily today that the suspension was nothing to do with the operational qualities of the MS44.

He said, ” It’s a temporary suspension as a punishment for not following their instructions.

“Back in November, the MMO announced they were going to do independent testing of all the approved devices because they hadn’t tested them. Beforehand they had let the suppliers do it themselves.

“The test was due to be completed in January of February, but we didn’t any news back from the MMO until March.”

But in the meantime, they asked us to stop advertising our devices, and just pull back on things. But we got to run the company, so we did we we stopped advertising and then in the middle of March, you know, we were told that there was an issue, a minor fail that we sorted out in a day.

“Meanwhile, we were left trying to run a business, We had to keep the serves running but they wanted us to pause the servers. I can’t pause the servers. 

“We have installed our I-VMS systems on over 1000 boats. If we stopped our servers, then our customers wouldn’t be able to go fishing or land their catches because they had no I-VMS.”

Mr Glover said that due to the MMO’s actions he had to let his engineers and other staff go because he has not been told how long the suspension is in place for.

He said, “It’s a completely unnecessary situation.”

On Friday 21 April 2023, the MMO announced the suspension of Type Approval for Maritime Systems’ MS44 device. The Notice reads:

“As England’s marine regulator, MMO have been preparing to support industry, through grant funding to secure a Type Approved I-VMS device, so that every fisher has the opportunity to be compliant ahead of the statutory instrument being implemented.

Feedback received last year suggested that some devices may not be compliant with the MMO’s Type Approval specification. In response, MMO have been undertaking an independent testing process to provide additional assurance to fishers ahead of the wider rollout of the I-VMS programme.

Suppliers were advised not to market, sell or install any devices pending the outcome of the independent testing assurance process.

On 21 April 2023, MMO took action to suspend the Type Approval status of Maritime System’s MS44 device after receiving evidence the supplier has disregarded this instruction. Whilst this suspension is in place fishers are advised not to purchase this device if they intend to seek MMO grant funding.

MMO will shortly advise suppliers and fishers of the outcome of the independent testing process and the Type Approved status of all devices.”

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