The MMO has responded news that Greenpeace intends to carry out more boulder dumps at sea in the South West Deeps

The MMO has responded news that Greenpeace intends to carry out more boulder dumping at sea in the South West Deeps. Photo: Greenpeace

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has responded to the news that Greenpeace intend to carry out more boulder dumps at sea in areas subject to marine protections.

Yesterday, Wednesday 07 September, Greenpeace announced that it would be collecting more boulder from Poole Harbour that they will use to create a barrier around the South West Deeps, where they had previously been operating.

Greenpeace’s actions have received widespread condemnation from the fishing industry as they have previously carried out the same operations on the Dogger Bank and on Offshore Brighton. The MMO has also received widespread condemnation for not stopping Greenpeace from carrying out the destructive, reckless, and unnecessary boulder dumps.

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The fishing sector has pointed out to Greenpeace that these boulders will not remain in place and will be shifted by tides and currents, therefore placing vessels fishing in the area around the South West Deeps in danger should fishing gear get snagged in the wayward boulders. There is a real danger to human life that is being blindly ignored by the non-governmental organisation which the MMO and the Maritime Coastguard Agency has been called on to deal with.

Responding to the news of Greenpeace’s further actions on the South West Deeps, the MMO said:

“We were informed by Greenpeace yesterday (Wed 7 Sept) that it intends to collect more boulders and drop them into the sea at South West Deeps in what it refers to as a peaceful protest to prevent “destructive bottom trawling”.

“This would mean further boulder drops into the marine space without the required marine licences.

“We are extremely disappointed that Greenpeace intends to continue with its actions. Greenpeace is aware of the work that is being undertaken by MMO to protect these sites and the process that must be followed, and Greenpeace was left in no doubt following the judicial comments in the previous court proceedings, that it is expected to comply with the marine licensing regime.

“We will continue to monitor and investigate as appropriate.”

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