english fishermen criminals The NFFO lambasts the UK government for not delivering the post-Brexit fisheries much promised before the UK-EU TCA 440 under-10m boats will benefit from the removal of a quota cap for 2023 following a decision by Defra and MMO MMO I-VMS update under 12m

There will be no UK fishing or quota swaps for sandeel in 2023

The Marine Management Organisation has issued an update today regarding Inshore Vessel Monitoring (I-VMS) for under 12m fishing vessels registered in England.

The notice stipulates:

Following the update dated 19 May 2023 below, we can now confirm that the minor fixes and further review of the Fulcrum Nemo and Succorfish SC2 has been completed and these devices remain type approved.

We are now in the process of developing a revised roll-out plan and will update again in the coming weeks with further details on the next steps for I-VMS.

Until then, our guidance remains the same – fishers should not take any actions to purchase, remove or replace I-VMS devices at this time.

You can continue to fish as the proposed legislation is not expected to be implemented until 2024. We are advised that IFCA has been in contact/working with all vessels fishing in areas requiring I-VMS devices in their byelaws.

Grant applications to cover the original installation costs are being processed, and we encourage any fishers that have already installed a device, to submit an application.

We would like to reiterate that fishers will be financially supported to secure suitable, replacement devices.

Our dedicated helpline is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 4.30pm by calling 01900 508618, you can email our engagement and support team at [email protected].

Last year, following feedback, MMO acted and commissioned independent assurance testing on Type Approved I-VMS devices. This has now been completed and we have taken the decision to continue the pause of the I-VMS device roll-out until further notice.

MMO remains confident that the roll-out programme will be able to progress, but with a reduced number of Type Approved devices.

The Fulcrum Nemo and Succorfish SC2 devices will remain Type Approved following minor fixes and independent review. The other devices, Maritime Systems MS44 and the Satlink Nano, have had their Type Approved status revoked as they did not meet assurance test thresholds.

MMO is in the process of contacting all fishers with further information based on which device has been purchased.

Product Type Approved status revoked

If you have purchased a Maritime Systems MS44 or Satlink Nano device, MMO can confirm that you will be financially supported to secure suitable, replacement devices. You will be contacted directly with more information and there is no requirement for you to take any action at this stage. We appreciate you will have questions regarding removal/replacement of devices and financial impact, and we will bring you further updates on how we can support you.

Product Type Approved status retained

If you have purchased a Fulcrum Nemo and Succorfish SC2 device (which have retained Type Approval status) you will be notified directly. Please bear with us while we work with the supplier to recommence roll-out as soon as possible. You do not need to take any further action.

Fishers who have not purchased or installed an I-VMS device

Please take no further action at this stage. Further updates will be made available as soon as possible. All suppliers have been notified and advised not to sell or install devices until further notice.

I-VMS device suppliers have already been notified of our decisions. We are currently working closely with suppliers who have retained Type Approval status to plan the next stage of the roll-out of I-VMS devices. Further updates will be shared with you as soon as possible.

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