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The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) launches its aims and ambitions for the future of our seas, coasts and communities in ‘Our MMO Story – the Next Ten Years’

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has launched its vision: ‘Our MMO Story – the Next Ten Years’. 

This sets out the MMO’s aims and how it will achieve its bold ambitions for a prosperous future for our seas, coasts and communities.

The fishing and seafood processing industry supports 21,000 jobs, contributes £2 billion to the economy and is a vital part of our food supply chain. The industry is also key to the sustainability of many of our coastal communities. 

MMO administers funds to protect the marine environment and its natural resources through the European Maritime and Fisheries and the new Maritime and Fisheries Funds. These funds underpin the sector’s competitiveness and economic viability, supporting infrastructure developments, safety and process innovations and projects that modernise the industry. Other projects assist local communities impacted by poverty or ill health, with projects aimed at supporting education and inclusion. 

Funds are also focussed on projects that support the collection of fishing and economic data, and those that help innovate and modernise how we manage sustainable fishing. 

Since 2016, MMO has administered and funded £109m to around 1,500 projects. The funds have attracted additional private funding, increasing the total investment to £125m. 

More recently, in response to the Covid-19 emergency and its adverse impact on the fisheries sector, MMO worked closely with delivery partners and industry, and rapidly designed and delivered three support schemes through the government’s £10m Fisheries Response Fund, providing direct emergency funding to 1,158 fishing vessel owners, 76 aquaculture businesses and 20 fisheries projects, aimed at the marketing and distribution of domestically caught fish.

“The seas have never been more important to the future of the planet and MMO’s role, managing a vast area of sea that is almost double England’s land mass, has never been more vital,” says Tom McCormack CBE, Chief Executive of MMO.

“Our seas are among the busiest in the world, enabling leisure, shipping, fisheries, construction, transport, energy and communications. Today, 95% of imports and exports come by sea through our ports, offshore wind is set to generate a third of the country’s electricity by 2030, and our seafood industries add almost £2 billion to the economy.

“At the same time, our seas sustain our environment and the planet could not survive without them. MMO’s purpose is to protect and enhance our precious marine environment and support UK economic growth by enabling sustainable marine activities and development.

“As our focus is on the major challenges and opportunities of economic recovery, climate change and transition from the EU, we are delighted to share our vision and begin the next stage of MMO’s journey – with renewed purpose, ambition and identity.

“We look forward to working with our many stakeholders and delivery partners along the way.”

Source: Marine Management Organisation

Brian J McMullin Solicitors

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MMO has launched its vision: ‘Our MMO Story – the Next Ten Years’. 

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