Charlie McConalogue said that he will be fighting tooth and nail to get the best deal for the Irish fishing industry

Charlie McConalogue said that he will be fighting tooth and nail to get the best deal for the Irish fishing industry

Minister for the Marine, Charlie McConalogue has said that he will be fighting tooth and nail at the European Fisheries Council meeting to get the best deal possible for Irish fishermen in the wake of a poor Brexit agreement for the fishing industry.

Speaking on the Donegal based Highland Radio Nine-til-Noon Show, he told presenter Greg Hughes that he was not happy that Ireland had lost fishing quota but insisted that it was better than the situation where there could have been a no deal. He said:

“I had worked very closely, and the government had worked very closely with the fishing industry right throughout the process of the negotiations in terms of putting it at very strong national approach to both working with their European counterparts, but there’s no doubt that from the outset given the proximity of Britain to our own waters and the importance of many of the shared species that were we were already concerned about the implications would be.

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“Thankfully, while the British government were looking to take back 100% of fish the EU fleet catch in their waters, that was confined to 25% of the fish over five-and-a-half-years, between now and 2026 that the EU fleet, including ourselves would catch in their waters, but there’s no doubt that this has led to a significant impact that will be felt by our own fishing fleet and the other EU fishing fleets to varying extents but not to the same extent that ours will be.

“Overall, between now and 2026, it will be a 15% overall drop in what our national quota is. So, listen I’m not happy that we have any loss of fish at all and certainly I’ve been making very clear now in terms of my engagement with all EU Council levels.

“We’ve already been doing so in relation to engagement with the with the EU Council and the Commission, and the fact that we have taken a bigger hit from the some other Member States, and in terms of the Common Fisheries Policy which will be the review it will be coming up over the next period of time and also in terms of the upcoming Fisheries Council meetings making that point very clear and doing all I can in terms of actually trying to make sure we get the best quota possible at a national level but there’s no doubt that’s always challenging at the European level to achieve changes in relation to in quota allocations and certainly I’ll be fighting tooth and nail European level to try and get the best accommodation possible for education sector”

Minister prepared to fight tooth and nail for Irish Fishing Industry Deal

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