The EP approved a report by MEP Manuel Pizarro which addresses the issues of bringing young people to the fisheries sector

The EP approved a report by MEP Manuel Pizarro which addresses the issues of bringing young people to the fisheries sector

The European Parliament approved a report by MEP Manuel Pizarro that addresses labour issues in the fisheries sector and proposes measures to enhance the generational renewal of workers.

The report by the Portuguese MEP, approved in plenary with 650 votes in favour, 17 against and 20 abstentions, stresses that attracting young people to this sector is essential to guarantee the future of the activity and its environmental, economic and social sustainability.

“Fishers are getting older and more and more difficult to attract new generations to fishing. The diagnosis has been made for a long time, but measures to counteract the situation are taking a long time. It’s time to act,” said Manuel Pizarro (S&D).

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“To guarantee the generational renewal, essential for the continuity of the fishing activity, greater social recognition of the activity and its importance for the supply of healthy food, coming from sustainable production in habitats in good environmental condition and contributing to the health of Europeans. It is necessary to combat the prejudice that fishermen are predators interested only in exploiting resources without thinking about the future. Fishermen are and will increasingly be, in fact, guardians of the sea”, added the MEP.

The report defends, among other points, the improvement of working conditions, habitability and safety on board, the need to take into account the specificities of work on board ships, the improvement of training and its recognition at European level, certification formality and the enhancement of the role played by women in the fisheries sector.

The EP encourages the creation of a “European Young Fishermen’s Association” to promote the generational renewal of the fisheries sector and to represent and bring together young fishermen and their organizations across the EU, urging the Commission to support the mobilization of budgetary resources with a view to carrying out projects for this purpose.

MEPs Nuno Melo and João Pimenta Lopes are the shadow rapporteurs of the PPE and Grupo da Esquerda, respectively.

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MEP proposes measures to attract young people to the fisheries sector

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