The SFPA welcomes the ruling by the ECJ ruling regarding FU16, when they find fishermen's declarations unreliable

Master of the fishing vessel, ‘Maggie C’ G497 has been fined €15,000 at Letterkenny Circuit Court for fisheries offences in October 2015

 Fines of €15,000 were imposed by Judge John Alymer on the Master of the Maggie C fishing vessel, at Letterkenny Circuit Court on Tuesday, 08 February.

At a previous sitting of the court, the Master had pleaded guilty to fishing offences including the failure to accurately record catches in the logbook while at sea.  

The value of the catch and gear in the sum of €18,000 was also forfeited. The vessel was detained following an inspection at sea by the Naval Service on October 13, 2015 and was subsequently detained and brought to Killybegs harbour. 

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Commenting on the verdict, Paschal Hayes, Executive Chairperson of the SFPA said:

“The accurate recording of catches in logbooks is a critical element of effective quota management and is an important part of ensuring the sustainability of our marine resources. Most operators adhere to the requirements of the EU Common Fisheries Policy; however, there are some who choose not to. We are committed to detecting those who choose not to comply. With the support of our control partners, our risk-based approach to regulation allows us to identify activity and vessels that pose a higher risk, and where non-compliance is found, the appropriate action will be taken.” 

Source: Press Release

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Master of Fishing Vessel fined €15,000 at Letterkenny Circuit Court

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