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Marine Notice No. 73 of 2022 – Irish Groundfish Survey (IGFS) 2022 has been issued by the Department of Transport

The Department of Transport has issued Marine Notice No. 73 of 2022 to all shipowners, fishing vessel owners, agents, shipmasters, skippers, fishers, yachtsmen and seafarers: Notice of Irish Groundfish Survey (IGFS) 2022.

The Department of Transport has been advised that the annual Irish Groundfish Survey (IGFS) will be carried out off the northwest, west and south coast of Ireland between 31 October and 16 December 2022 by the Marine Institute.

The IGFS is a demersal trawl survey consisting of approximately 170 fishing hauls of 30 minutes duration each International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) areas VIa, VIIb, VIIg and VIIj. The approximate location of the shooting position of these hauls is given in Appendix 1and Appendix 2. Fishing in 2022 will take place within a 2 nautical mile (nmi) radius of these indicative positions.

The survey will be conducted by the R.V. ‘Celtic Explorer’ (Callsign: EIGB). The vessel will display appropriate lights and signals. The vessel will be towing a high headline GOV 36/47 demersal trawl during fishing operations.

The Marine Institute requests that commercial fishing and other marine operators keep a 2nmi area around the tow mid-points clear of any gear or apparatus during the survey period outlined above.

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While there is no statutory provision for the loss of gear at sea, the Marine Institute will make every effort to avoid gear adequately marked according to legislation that may be encountered in the notified areas.

  In the event that an operator has static gear or other obstructions within 2nmi of the points listed above, it is the responsibility of the owner to notify the survey managers   or vessel directly.

This should be communicated by identifying specifically which “Prime Station” is of concern using the appendices and contact details in Marine Notice No. 73 of 2022 which can be found below.  It is not required to provide positional details of commercial operations beyond 3 to 4 nmi of the survey points provided.

Marine Notice issued on Irish Groundfish Survey (IGFS) 2022

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