Måløy Maritime Group has made a movie called “This is MMG”

In a challenging time where seeing each other in person and participate on planned exhibitions has been close to impossible, Måløy Maritime Group has made a brand new movie to keep in contact with all of our existing and potential new friends all around the world, and to show our great network of hardworking and dedicated employees.

Måløy Maritime Group offers a complete range of maritime services with quality and precision, 24/7. MMG delivers every service from idea and design to complete vessel, service, maintenance and repair. MMG offers a 24-7 hour service base from Måløy, one of the largest ports in Norway.  

 The movie is called “This is MMG”

Find out more about us at www.maloymaritime.no

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Måløy Maritime Group in Norway releases movie to reach out to customers

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