kirkwall RNLI seven hour

The Kingfisher under tow during the seven hour rescue mission by Kirkwall RNLI. Photo: RNLI/Graham Campbell

The crew of the Kirkwall RNLI were involved in a seven hour tow of fishing vessel which was left stricken 26 miles SouthEast of the Orkney Islands.

Kirkwall’s volunteer crew launched at the request of the UK Coastguard after the fishing vessel reported issues and was drifting in the Pentland Firth.

The all-weather lifeboat was launched shortly before 3.00pm on Thursday (03 September) to the aid of the vessel and her six crew.

The Orcadian website reported that the creel boat, Kingfisher DH 110, had fouled her propeller southeast of Copinsay. The lifeboat arrived on scene at 4.35pm and the volunteer crew attached a tow rope to begin the long passage back to Kirkwall in blustery conditions with winds reaching near gale force at times.

After a seven and a half hour tow back to the sanctuary of Kirkwall harbour, both the lifeboat and the fishing vessel berthed safely just before midnight.

The lifeboat was refuelled and was made ready for service again by 1.00am.

Kirkwall RNLI is currently being covered with the relief RNLI lifeboat Beth Sell on station, while Kirkwall Lifeboat Margaret Foster is away south undergoing maintenance.

kirkwall rnli seven hour

The RNLI lifeboat Beth Sells escorting the stricken Kingfisher back to harbour. Photo: RNLI/Graham Campbell

Source: RNLI

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Kirkwall RNLI lifeboat involved in seven hour tow of stricken creel boat

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