Important safety Information on Conduct of Naval Manoeuvres russian naval exercise is&wfpo Russian Navy to hold exercises 240 kilometres off the southwest coast of Ireland which is in international waters but within the Irish EEZ

Irish South and West Fisherman’s Organisation and Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association issue joint statement on the Russian Naval Exercise

Following yesterday’s successful and positive meeting with the Russian Ambassador to Ireland Yuri Filatov confusion has arisen regarding comments made by the Fishing organisation on the matter of a guarantee surrounding the traditional fishing grounds.

Both representatives when talking about this specific matter of the traditional fishing grounds were referring to the areas known as the Porcupine Bank and the Porcupine Sea Bight, these are the fishing grounds immediately north and northwest of the area in which the naval drill is scheduled to take place in early February. The confusion has arisen in that some media outlets believed the traditional fishing grounds and the naval drill area to be one and the same area. This is not the case, they are two specific areas that adjoin one another, the Russian Ambassador made it clear to the fishing delegation that the naval exercises would only take place within the exclusion zone as notified to Ireland, therefore it is self-evident that no impact or intrusion will occur into the areas known as the Porcupine Bank and the Porcupine Sea Bight.

Both the IS&WFPO and the IFPEA are again at pains to stress that fishing activity is guaranteed to be uninterrupted or negatively impacted in the traditional fishing grounds of these two areas namely the Porcupine Bank and Porcupine Sea Bight. The naval drills and exercises will take place within the notified area south of these traditional fishing areas.

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Both the fishing vessels and the Russian Navy can co-exist for the duration of these exercises at safe distance apart while both go about their respective tasks and routines.


Patrick Murphy             Brendan Byrne

CEO IS&WFPO             CEO of IFPEA


Source: Press Release

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Joint statement from the IS&WFPO and IFPEA on Russian Naval Exercise

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