The Fishing Daily Podcast Series 4 Episode 04

In this latest episode of The Fishing Daily Podcast host Oliver McBride hears from Irish inshore fishing representatives, Eamon Nixon and John Menarry, that fishermen are beyond breaking point after years of Government neglect.

Irish Inshore Fishermen Beyond Breaking Point from Government Neglect

by The Fishing Daily Podcast in Audio on Spotify

In the latest episode of the Fishing Daily Podcast, Oliver engages in a crucial discussion with Eamon Dixon, Secretary of the Irish Inshore Fishermen’s Association, and John Menarry, Board Member with the National Inshore Fishermen’s Association, regarding the state of inshore fisheries in Ireland.

The conversation delves into the systemic challenges faced by the inshore fishing industry, highlighting issues of discrimination, unequal representation, and lack of support from government entities. John Menarry underscores the discrimination within the industry, citing instances where certain sectors, particularly those under 10 metres, have been excluded from fisheries based solely on size, despite their contributions. He emphasises the need for fair treatment and equal representation in decision-making bodies.

Eamon Dixon echoes Menarry’s sentiments, emphasising the importance of fair distribution of quotas and support to sustain the inshore fishing sector. He expresses concern over the neglect of the industry and calls for urgent action from political representatives to address the pressing issues faced by coastal communities reliant on fishing.

The discussion also touches on the economic challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, rising fuel costs, and market instability. Both guests stress the need for tangible support measures, including financial assistance and quota allocation, to ensure the survival of small-scale fishermen and coastal communities.

Looking ahead, there is a shared hope that upcoming discussions with government officials, scheduled for Thursday 18 April 2024, will yield positive outcomes and tangible support for the struggling industry. However, there remains a sense of skepticism regarding the government’s willingness to enact meaningful change and provide adequate support to address the industry’s pressing needs.

Overall, the episode underscores the urgent need for government intervention and equitable policies to safeguard the livelihoods of inshore fishermen and preserve the cultural and economic vitality of coastal communities in Ireland.