Irish fishing representatives have been told that a new proposed Control Plan has been discarded

Irish fishing representatives have been told that a new proposed Control Plan has been discarded

Irish fishing industry representatives have been told that a new proposed Control Plan which they believed to have been agreed has been discarded.

Last weekend, Minister Charlie McConalogue told the consulting committee that the new proposed control plan would no longer go ahead but further information on the reason why it will not be considered has not been made available.

Contacting the Minister’s own office with questions as to what happened, The Fishing Daily was directed to as the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority as matters relating to the control plan is being dealt with by them.

When asked, the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority responded, “The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) confirms that the European Commission has approved an interim Irish Control Plan designed to manage non-compliance risks of weighing of fishery products after transport to a permitted premises in Ireland until the 30th April 2022. The SFPA has adopted that plan since the 1st January 2022 and it remains active. Work is ongoing towards securing European Commission approval for a fair and effective permanent Control Plan to be in place from the 1st  May.”

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The silence by the SFPA and the Minister on the issue is another sign of the desperate state of trust and communications between Irish authorities and the industry.

Speaking on the Fishing Daily Podcast, Patrick Murphy, CEO of the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation expressed his frustration with the situation.

“This is back to confusion again,” says Patrick, “I’m not on the consulting committee and I only get these things communicated to me.”

“I was told, and it was reported to me that everybody was tapping each other in the back and saying what a fantastic job was done. Finally, a solution was reached, the white smoke went up and we were moving forward, and what was being proposed was being accepted that was all to the window.

“Last weekend that was all thrown out the window. The Minister suddenly said “No, no, we can’t do this”, pelagics is back to square-one.

“Who or why was it decided that what we were doing last week was suddenly was not?

“Who made that decision?

“Was it the Commission?

“What was it, our own country?

“What happened here?

“It’s crazy stuff like how could you move forward with that and what are the implications?

“Are we back to taking ice of the fish again? It’s absolute madness.”

Listen to Patrick’s podcast with The Fishing Daily available by clicking here.

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Irish fishing representatives told new proposed Control Plan discarded

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