Icelandic herring boats experiencing a boom since the start of season with the Síldvarvinnslan plant at Neskaupstaður working round the clock

Icelandic herring boats are experiencing a boom since the start of season with the Síldvarvinnslan plant at Neskaupstaður working round the clock

The boats fishing herring around Iceland are experiencing a boom since the season started with the Síldvarvinnslan plant at Neskaupstaður working around the clock.

Since the end of last week with the Börkur NK, Margrét EA and Beiti NK landing over 3,000 tonnes leading to continuous processing, day and night.

The herring from Beiti NK, which brought 1,140 tonnes yesterday morning, is currently being processed. 

The Síldvarvinnslan website talked to Sturla Þórðarson, captain of Beiti, and asked how it had gone to get the catch. 

“It went well. We caught the catch in five short hauls but it was pulled for one to one and a half hours. The catch was uneven, the largest haul yielded 430 tonnes with the least haul at 180 tonnes. We started fishing in the depths of Seyðisfjörður but got most of the catch out of Héraðsflói. This is a decent herring but of varying sizes or from 370 up to 420 grams,” says Sturla.

Margrét EA landed in Neskaupstadur on Saturday night with 1150 tons of herring from two 100 minute tows.

The website caught-up and spoke briefly with skipper Birkir Hreinsson. They asked how the trip had gone. 

“It went like in history. We stopped for eight and a half hours on the fishing grounds and got these 1150 tons in two 100 minute hauls. The first haul was 105 minutes and the second 110. The catch was obtained north and high on Glettinganesgrunn. There was a huge amount of herring to be seen and no problems getting a good catch. The herring is also as good as it gets. It weighs 420 grams on average and is completely weightless. This is as good a raw material for processing as can be imagined, as we were only three hours on the way ashore and the raw material can hardly be much fresher. The catch will have been processed by noon today, “says Birkir.

Margrét‘s catch was the second herring cargo that arrives for processing in Neskaupstaður during this new herring season. Börkur NK brought the first cargo on Friday. After processing the herring from Margrét, the fish factory had be cleaned high and low before the Beitir NK landed.

Börkur NK arrived in Neskaupstadur on Friday with 890 tons of herring. The boat caught the catch in three haul in similar areas as Beitir.

Jón Gunnar Sigurjónsson, chief foreman at the fish factory says that the herring processing has been successful. “This is a great raw material that we are getting, as it is provided in the kálgarður here at home and comes fresh and good for processing. The herring is both whole frozen and filleted”, says Jón Gunnar.

Speaking to the Síldvarvinnslan website talked to captain Hálfdan Hálfdanarson and asked how the fishing trip had gone. 

“We started by going north of the country. The Faroese had been getting herring there and we wanted to explore the possibilities there. Before we got to the north it had melted and cooled and the herring seems to have escaped from there. 

“Then we headed east for land where Icelandic vessels have been catching. We caught this catch in 20 hours in the depths of Seyðisfjörður and it was caught in four hauls. 

“When we finished fishing this morning, we had 32 miles to travel ashore. This is a decent herring or similar to the one we have been fishing here for the last few years. The average weight is about 350 grams. This is without a doubt Norwegian-Icelandic herring, but Icelandic summer spawning herring can also be seen in the catch. There seems to be a lot of herring there and hopefully the season will go well,”said Hálfdan.


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Icelandic Herring Boats Experiencing Boom at Start of Season

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