Iceland Faroe islands fishing agreement

The governments of Iceland and the Faroe Islands have renew their fishing agreement. Photo: Faroese Seafood

The Faroese’s quotas for fishing for demersal fish in Icelandic jurisdiction will be the same as they have been or 5,600 tonnes and the maximum amount that can be fished for cod will remain unchanged or 2,400 tonnes. 

This is part of an agreement reached last week by Kristján Þór Júlíusson, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, and Jacob Vestergaard, Minister of Fisheries of the Faroe Islands.

The agreement concerns the Faroese fishing rights within Icelandic jurisdiction for next year and reciprocal access to fishing in the countries’ jurisdiction for Norwegian-Icelandic herring and blue whiting

An announcement on the cabinet’s website states that “due to the poor condition of the cone stock, the ministers agreed that the Faroese cone catch would be smaller than it has been. Their fishing rights for bowling will therefore be reduced from 650 tonnes to 400 tonnes.”

It was also agreed that the Faroe Islands will be authorized to fish for capelin off Iceland, amounting to 5% of the determined total catch in the 2020/21 season, but with a maximum of 30 thousand tonnes. Previous restrictions on the authorization to process capelin on board or land in the Faroe Islands for human consumption will remain in force.

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The agreement also includes mutual access to fishing for blue whiting and Norwegian-Icelandic herring in the same way as has been the case for the past two years, and up to 15 Icelandic vessels can fish for herring and blue whiting in the Faroe Islands’ jurisdiction simultaneously. Icelandic vessels are also allowed to catch up to 1,300 tonnes of mackerel from the Faroe Islands’ catch quotas as by-catch in the fishery.

“The agreement is important for both nations. Access to the Faroe Islands’ jurisdiction for blue whiting is important for Icelandic vessels, as there has been little blue whiting in Iceland’s jurisdiction in recent years. “For the Faroe Islands, the agreement is also very important, both because of the fishing rights they receive in catfish and capelin off Iceland but also because of their increased catch of Norwegian-Icelandic herring in Icelandic waters in recent years,” says the announcement.


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Iceland and Faroe Islands governments renew fishing agreement

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