Good mackerel on the coast, but little from the Norwegian Sea,

Good mackerel on the coast, but little from the Norwegian Sea, reports Sildelaget. Photo: Norges Sildesalgslag/

Good mackerel on the coast, but little from the Norwegian Sea reports Kenneth Garvik, Sales Manager with Norges Sildesalgslag in Week 34 of 2022.

The Norwegian pelagic fleet are still targeting mackerel with over 90 boats from the fleet fishing. Fishing results over the month of August have been mixed so far with the fleet falling short of the numbers landed in 2021.

“We had an average week for mackerel with 25,200 tonnes in the journal, which is significantly less than last week when we had a total of 55,200 tonnes,” reports Kenneth. “The best day of catching was Saturday with 5,900 tonnes.
“There is currently a large participation in mackerel fishing and the week’s quantity is divided by 16,100 tonnes from purse-seines, coastal 7,300 tonnes, SUK 1,400 tonnes and from trawls we have just under 4,000 tonnes.”

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Last week the best performing sector of the fleet was not the large vessels but came from the inshore boats. Kenneth says:

“One of the gratifying things about mackerel fishing is that there has been very good mackerel fishing for the smallest coastal fleet that operates close to the coast. There has clearly been a good influx of mackerel from the sea here. Fishing for this mackerel started at the end of July on Møre and the mackerel has then spread south along the coast. Where there have been good catches as far south as Sveio/Bømlo this week.

“The registered quantity in this period for the smallest coastal fleet is over 11,000 tonnes.”

Offshore, the larger purse-seiners and trawlers reported a slow week as a lot of vessels were searching for shoals of mackerel to target. Kenneth reports:

“From the Norwegian Sea, the effort has been great, with over 90 boats hunting mackerel last week. For parts of the week there has been wind on the field. The mackerel have been scattered and the catch has been rather slow, where there have mainly been both small casts and small trawl hauls. This is made visible by the fact that we only have four catches of over 400 tonnes this week.

“If we look at the reported quantity of mackerel for August until now at the end of the month, there have been reported 90,000 tonnes. For the whole of August last year, we had 149,000 tonnes. There have also been reports from both Faroese and Icelandic boats about laboured fishing recently.

“We can hope that next week there will be a better collection of mackerel. Perhaps high pressure and fine weather can contribute to a bloom, so that the mackerel gather.”

On the North Sea herring fishery, the Sildelaget Sales Manager says:

“The foreign boats have started the herring season and eight different boats registered 7,900 tonnes last week. Most of the catches are taken close to the north of the Orkney Islands.

“The sizes of the herring from this area are between 210-235 grams. From the Norwegian buyers who produce the herring, there are reports of ideal roe ripening, where you get super nice herring roe.

“From a Swedish boat, “Astrid Marie”, which fished east of Peterhead, a herring of 188 gram is reported, where the roe maturation is much smaller, and not suitable for roe production.”

On the fishing for fishmeal/oil, Kenneth reports:

“There are few boats on “Kanten” at the moment, and from five different boats we have just under 700 tonnes of pollock, 550 tonnes of blue whiting, as well as a few tonnes of horse mackerel and stream herring.

“From a Danish boat, “Ceton”, we got a sea sprat catch of 1,550 t. It was fished in the southern part of the North Sea where several boats have fished well with sprat.”

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Good mackerel on the coast, but little from the Norwegian Sea

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