Good herring fishing for Norwegian fleet in week 22 of 2022  The MSC has accused NE Atlantic coastal states of continued overexploitation of pelagic stocks The Norwegian pelagic fleet reported a good fishing for herring in the north but the best mackerel landings from foreign vessels in Week 43

Good herring fishing for Norwegian fleet in week 22 of 2022. Photo: Norway HI

Good herring fishing at the beginning of the week, and still lousy on sandeel reports Kenneth Garvik, Sales Manager at Norges Sildeslagslag as the fleet ended week 22 of 2022.

North Sea herring:
We had an average week in the fishing for North Sea herring with 17,000 tonnes in the record. Of this, as much as 14,000 tonnes are registered in the first three days of the week.

Herring fishing has taken place in two main areas. One around Egersundbanken where the herring is in the range of 135-150 g in size. With a lot of bait in the herring and a high fat percentage, it is challenging to preserve the herring for consumption. In addition, the smallest is a little too small for food buyers. Therefore, the main part of this small herring is used for fish meal/oil production.

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From the other field, which is further north, in the Patchbank-Allẻbanken area, the herring is larger with average weights from 185 to 200 g. This is in demand in the highest paying fillet markets. The challenge here is that little herring is registered with poor collection, and with extremely high bunker costs, it is not very profitable to search in this area for days.

A look at the quota picture shows that 88,600 tonnes of the quota of just over 130,000 tonnes have now been fished. It is unusual to have fished so much of the quota so early in June, where many boats in purse seine, SUK and coastal have finished their quotas.

In the coming week, there will be a number of boats on the herring fields. We are crossing our fingers that there can be better collection, especially in the north so that consumer buyers can cover the demand for both felt and food.

It was another miserable week in sandeel fishing where a total of 1,800 tonnes have been fished. This is divided into 14 catches with quantities from 25 hours at the lowest to 320 hours at the highest.

The reports from the boats are negative, where there is little to see with only a few single halls that are used.

There are now 30,500 tonnes left of the 95,000 tonnes quota. As fishing is now, the boats are considering day by day whether they should end or switch to other fisheries.

Blue whiting:
The poor sandeel fishing has led to more people shifting their focus to blue whiting. From four boats, 1,500 tonnes of blue whiting, 300 tonnes of eye pole and 135 tonnes of herring have been reported. These catches are taken in the Edge at different latitudes.

There is also a boat from the blue whiting trawl group that is fishing in the Norwegian Sea. Here we expect registration in the coming week.

It lives on the coast in the west, and we had the best week on mackerel with over 150 tonnes. This is divided into 24 catches. More than half is fished in Rogaland, while the rest is taken from Bømlo to Vannylven in the north.

With summer and high temperatures, we hope for more speed in mackerel consumption in Norway so that we can sell more for fresh use.

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Good herring fishing at the beginning of last week reports Norwegian fleet

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