Norges Sildesalgslag reports slower fishing in NVG in Week 48 but other Norwegian pelagic fisheries remain steady

Last week saw good herring fishing along the Norland coast and the capelin fishing off Iceland is coming to a close for the Norwegian fleet Photo: Helge Skavlan/Norges Sildesalgslag

Week 7 saw Norges Sildesalgslag reporting good herring fishing along the Norland coast but the organisation is disappointed that the capelin fishing off Iceland is coming to a close without catching close to their allocated quota.

Roar Bjånesøy, Communication and Strategy leader for Norges Sildesalgsalg reports:


46,500 tonnes of capelin were registered last week. This week has also been characterized by weather and wind, but several vessels ended their fishing and went ashore with the catches. Of the 46,500 tonnes, around 8,150 tonnes have been sold as consumer catches, all to factories in Norway from Træna and by sea to Florø. 

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27 vessels are left on the field on Monday, they are now about 58 miles east of Iceland. It has been reported good weather on Monday but worse until Tuesday, which is also the last day the Norwegian fleet can fish for capelin off Iceland. The difficult fishing conditions with wind and current have also led to some net damage. The Norwegian fleet is prevented from using trawls for capelin fishing off Iceland.

Of the total quota of 145,000 tonnes, around 80,000 tonnes have now been registered. This means that there are more than 65,000 tonnes left on the Norwegian quota off Iceland. The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has lifted the maximum quotas for Icelandic capelin from 20 February. 

NVG herring.

Almost 36,000 tonnes of NVG herring were reported last week, compared with 27,000 tonnes in the same week last year. Friday only. On Saturday and Sunday, around 20,000 tonnes were registered.

The catches have been taken from the west of Andenes and all the way south to Brønnøysund. The catches close to the coast from Lofoten to the north have been the smaller herring with an average weight of 230 grams, while the rest of the catch to the south has been larger herring with an average weight of 330 grams and upwards. A lot of herring has been caught with trawls, but also nets have been used when the herring has now come closer to land.

Eight foreign vessels, from the UK, Denmark and Sweden have delivered around 7,700 tonnes of the total this week. It is expected that more ringnore vessels will participate in herring fishing in the next few days as they finish capelin fishing. 

At the same time as the herring fleet follows the herring southwards, Vendla and Eros are in the process of spawning the NVG herring for Marine Research. This cruise started on February 14 and will last until February 27. 

Horse mackerel:

129 tonnes of horse mackerel were also taken by five vessels. 40 tonnes were taken north of Bergen, the rest in the fjord areas within Haugesund

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Good herring fishing along the Nordland coast for Norwegian boats in Week 7

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