A GoFundMe page has been set up for an Emsworth couple who lost their fishing boat during Storm Eunice

A GoFundMe page has been set up for an Emsworth couple who lost their fishing boat during Storm Eunice 

A GoFundMe Page has been set up for a couple in Emsworth, Hampshire who lost their fishing boat during Storm Eunice last Friday, 18 February.

Chantelle & Peter Williams run a small business called ‘Fresh From The Boat’ from the marina in Emsworth but tragedy struck on Friday as storm Eunice ripped their boat from the mooring and smashed it on the shore.

‘Fresh From The Boat’ is a family run business that catches and sells its fish direct to the consumer. The business was started in 20-years ago with Chantelle working in the shop and Peter carrying out the fishing operation onboard the ‘Tia Maria’.

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That all came to an abrupt end on Friday, as Eunice put the ‘Tia Maria’ on the rocks.

Speaking about their current situation the couple said:

“The Boat – Due to tides will have to remain where it is, it’s truly trashed and we can only presume a write off… it has no rudder or prop, the keel from one end to the other is totally ripped off holed and smashed, the front end of the boat has gone. Peter had lost his livelihood and my heart breaks for him! Pete has roped her up best way he can..He cannot work and the insurance may cover a small proportion of costs this is going to take time, paperwork and what already to be an argument.

“The Shop – our shop will remain open thankfully we have a number of fishermen that land their catch in to us and are happy to rally round even more to make this happen.”

Unfortunately for the Williams’, they could not get their boat out of the water before the storm struck.

“She could not be lifted out of the water, by anyone in our area, no one had lifting capacity,” says the couple. “She was in the most sheltered place she could be, on her mooring within a harbour, we’ve worked with the sea for 20 years, we were down there from the early hours trying our hardest against mother nature, we did everything in our own power to not watch our vessel like this!

“We have no great plan yet; we shall try and open the shop this week however we have a lot to do to try and organise the recovery of ‘Tia’ so the extensive damage can be assessed and start to make a rebuild plan for whatever takes shape from there.”

The couple paid tribute to neighbours and friends who have been intouch with them and have been helping them out in the past few days. The said:

“Thank you to our community for been amazing, to those who have helped pick pieces of ‘Tia’ up, those who have reached out to us with practical advice, messages of support, offering to setup a team of support from helping with insurance, grants, and trying to keep us mentally sane after what has already been a difficult 6 months, we are still in great shock but I’m sure a plan shall come together over the coming weeks.

“Thank you. “

The GoFundMe link is now live


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