Baltic Sea Fund Prize FSK-PO

The FSK-PO receiving the Baltic Sea Fund Prize Award

This year’s Baltic Sea Fund Prize has been awarded to Foreningen for Skånsomt Kystfiskeri-PO (FSK-PO). 
The Baltic Sea Fund Prize recognises the efforts being made to sustain a healthy Baltic Sea.
Sustainable fishing, sustainable school food and work against climate change are the main focus of the annual Baltic Sea Fund awards to organisations and individuals who have made contributions to the Baltic Sea environment.
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This year, the Baltic Sea Fund has decided not to award the Lasse Wiklöf Prize, a prize that goes to a parliamentarian who works to improve the situation in the Baltic Sea.
“No Nordic politician meets the criteria for receiving the Lasse Wiklöf Prize this year,” says Thomas Saurén, CEO of the Baltic Sea Fund.
This year, the Baltic Sea Fund’s main prize goes to Foreningen for skånsamt kystfiskeri, which is awarded €20,000 for its work on sustainable coastal fishing. The Danish association, which works for more sustainable coastal fishing that has as little impact as possible on the fish populations and environments of the seas, advocates the use of low impact fishing gear such as nets, gillnets and hooks.
“This award and recognition will help us reach out to small-scale fishermen who work to ensure that their fisheries have a low impact on the environment, in the Baltic region and elsewhere, with the message that, although we are small-scale, we are many in number,” says Søren Jacobsen, chairman of Foreningen for skånsamt kystfiskeri.
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FSK-PO crowned winners of Baltic Sea Fund Prize Award 2022

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