the French Navy will be performing military exercise off the Irish south west coast later this month

The French Navy will be performing military exercise off the Irish south west coast later this month

Irish fishermen have been advised that the French will be performing a military exercise off the south west of the country in the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) later this month,

The Department of Transport has issued Marine Notice No. 38 of 2022 this afternoon, Friday 17 June.

The Department of Transport has been
advised by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) of a missile/rocket firing exercise by the the French military.

The exercise is scheduled to take place between 23 June and 25 June from 0200hrs to 1600hrs each day. However, the exercise may be postponed to take place at the same time on another date within the period 24 June to 7 July, excluding weekends.

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The exercises will be undertaken in part of the Irish EEZ. Details of the indicated co-ordinates are set out in the Marine Notice.

The Department has also issued safety precautions. Given the nature of the planned exercises, vessels and crew are advised of safety risks in the operational area. French Military Exercise

All mariners are also reminded of their responsibilities under the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) which are implemented in Irish law by the Merchant Shipping (Collision Regulations) (Ships and Water Craft on the Water) Order 2012(S.I. No. 507 of 2012), and the Signals of Distress (Ships) Rules 2012 (S.I. No.170 of 2012).

Earlier this year in February, the Russian Navy announced it would carry out military exercise in the Irish EEZ. At the time, it caused controversy amongst the Irish fishing industry leading to Irish South and West CEO, Patrick Murphy and Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association CEO, Brendan Byrne meeting the Russian Ambassador in Dublin. After the meeting the Russian Ambassador announced that those exercises were subsequently moved out of the Irish EEZ.

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