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Fishing vessels have been warned of high military activity in northern Norway over the next few weeks. Photo: Norwegian Defence Forces

Norwegian Defence Forces have warned fishing vessels operating in northern Norway of “high military activity” near fishing areas.

During the Nordic Response military exercise, more than 50 allied and Norwegian vessels will sail off the coast and into the northern regions. In the period 26 February to 15 March 2024, there will therefore occasionally be a lot of military activity at sea.

The vessels will have activity both off the coast and inland, reports the Norwegian Defence Forces.

Those fishing in the areas have been notified: “Although exercise and training are important for the Armed Forces and society at large, the Armed Forces’ aim is that civilian industry, trade and transport operate as normal during exercises.”

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“All military vessels, both Norwegian and allied, have been informed about areas with great fishing activity, and not least the historical and economic importance of fishing. Among them is the cod fishery between Lofoten and Sørøya. At the same time, the vessels have been directed to barentswatch.no , where they can download updated information continuously. The navy has also been in direct contact with Nord Fiskarlag, (the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association).”

Fishing vessels and fishing activity will not be the only ones to be put on alert.

“When it comes to fish farming, all participating units have been assigned an overview of farming in the operational areas. The current areas are: Vågsfjorden , Solbergfjorden , Sørreisa , Kvænangen and Sørøya.”

The notice concludes saying:

“Fishing is one of Norway’s most important industries. Therefore, the military vessels have been encouraged to minimise operations in areas with active fishing and avoid activities that can create high waves in areas where there is fish farming. All vessels involved will listen on channel 16 and respond when called.”


Source: Press Release

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