The fisherman fatally injured onboard a trawler off the Cornish coast on Saturday last has been named locally as Leigh Spencer (50)

The late Mr Leigh Spencer who was fatally injured onboard a Newlyn based trawler off the Cornish coast

The fisherman who died in an incident onboard a fishing vessel off the southwest Cornish coast on Saturday last has been named locally.

Leigh Spencer, 50, was fatally injured onboard the Newlyn based trawler, FV The Cornishman, 50 nautical miles off the Scilly Isles during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Mr Spencer from Millbrook, Cornwall who died in the tragic accident has been described as a “true Cornish gentleman”.

A fundraiser page has been launched by the family of Mr Spencer on the JustGiving website.

On the fundraising page the deceased’s father, Christopher Spencer wrote:

“Leigh was killed on Saturday, February 6, in a tragic accident aboard the fishing vessel he worked on.

“He leaves his wife Analiza and two young children, Theo and Issabella.

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“We’ve started this page to raise money to cover Leigh’s funeral arrangements, and also to provide for Analiza and the children now that their husband and father is no longer there for them.

“If you knew Leigh, then you’ll understand how devastated we all are at his loss.

“His smile would light up a room and he was the instigator of much merriment. Joy and generosity are words that spring to mind when we think of him.”

The family had aimed to raise £10,000 but donations have been flowing in and the total stands at nearly £13,000.

Mr Spencer’s father wrote “We are truly overwhelmed with your generosity. If you’re a fisherman then you know that it’s feast or famine. My son’s children will grow up without Leigh’s support, but with your donations, we will entrust to their future. Thank you so much, and all our love.”

The Marine Accident Investigation Board is currently carrying out an investigation into the incident which caused the death of Mr Spencer and injuries to a fellow crew member.

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