faroe origin karstensens trawlers

An image of the 44.10-metre trawlers to be built by Karstensens Shipyard A/S for Faroe Origin.

The fishing company Faroe Origin from Runavik in the Faroe Islands and Karstensens Shipyard A/S have entered a contract to build two new 44.10-metre trawlers.

The replacement of the pair-trawler fleet in the Faroe Islands has been discussed for several years, and with these contracts, Faroe Origin is setting the standard for the future! The new vessels will be state-of-the-art, equipped with the latest machinery, equipment, and gear.

The entire project has been developed through a very close and intense collaboration between the shipping company and the shipyard. Advisors from the shipping company and the shipyard, as well as banking connections, have contributed favourably to an efficient decision-making process.

The company Faroe Origin was established in 2011 and operates two factories on land, in Runavik and Toftir, respectively. After the recent sale of two trawlers, the shipping company’s fleet consists of four vessels, but with the delivery of these new vessels, it will again be six ships.

faroe origin karstensens trawlers

The Faroe Origin trawlers to be built by Karstensens Shipyard AS

Faroe Origin and its parent companies, Framherji and Varðin, express satisfaction at the opportunity to build a new ship in close cooperation with Karstensens Shipyard. The entire shipping company is excited about the agreement and getting started with the construction.

Karstensens Shipyard is humble and pleased with the loyalty and trust shown by Faroe Origin in contracting these ships in Skagen.

Design, layout, and arrangements have all been developed through a very close collaboration between the shipping company and the shipyard. The shipping company has been focused on innovative and optimized solutions, based on many years of experience in operating its current fleet of stern trawlers. It should also be emphasized that great emphasis has been placed on optimizing working conditions, safety, and crew comfort.

The entire concept, not just propulsion systems or winches, has been carefully evaluated and calculated based on the shipping company’s precise operational profile. The shipping company’s stated goal is to conduct sustainable fishing with minimal NOX/CO2 emissions per kilogram of caught fish. This has resulted in a well-thought-out and carefully calculated combination of new solutions and proven arrangements, which together provide the most operationally economical and climate-optimized project.

faroe origin karstensens trawlers

An astern view image of the new trawlers

As part of this optimization process, it has been decided that the new vessels will also be equipped with an advanced factory solution and freezing capacity of up to 40 tons per day. The vessels will also be equipped with silage systems and tanks. Together with other initiatives, decisive steps have been taken towards the best possible utilization of resources year-round.

Similar to the other fishing vessels that the shipyard is building for shipowners in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, these new builds are also of proprietary design.

Regarding the selection of suppliers and components, several of these will be finalized in the coming weeks. From the shipping company’s perspective, there will be a focus on sustainability, quality, innovation, and operational reliability.

The new vessels are expected to be delivered in the first and second quarters of 2026.


Vessel main dimensions:

– Length overall: 44.10 metres

– Breadth moulded: 11.50 metres

– Depth of shelter deck: 7.10 metres


Other technical data:

– Main engine: ABC 8DZC

– Electric winches: Evotec

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