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EUFA says that European fishermen have welcomed the European Council’s strong position on the current trade talks between the EU and the UK

The European Fisheries Alliance (EUFA) has welcomed the European Council’s strong position on the current trade talks between the EU and the UK.

In a press release issued by the Alliance, they have called on the EU institution to remain steadfast until an agreement is reached. The press release reads:

After today’s European Council, European Fishermen would like to thank EU leaders for their continued support as they face an uncertain future. The negotiations are entering the home stretch and the European Fisheries Alliance calls upon Michel Barnier and the Heads of State and Governments to remain firm on the position defined in the negotiation mandate. A long term agreement based on current access and quota sharing conditions should form the core elements of any future deal.

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The European Fisheries industry is grateful for the strong message to that effect sent by the European Council today. While we remain concerned about the future of thousands of livelihoods across the continent, EUFA believes that an agreement that reflects the reality on the ground can still be found. The current fisheries management framework is a fragile equilibrium between the sustainable management of fish stocks and the economic prosperity of all fleets in the area. The United Kingdom has contributed to shaping this system since their accession to the EU close to 50 years ago. We should build on our common achievements and look past short-sighted political considerations to build a stable, long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

EUFA Chairman Gerard van Balsfoort stated: “European leaders sent a strong signal today that the European Union will continue to stand up for its fishermen, their fleets and their communities. The current access rules and shares of fishing opportunities reflect the reality of centuries of shared fishing grounds. They are a natural basis for a long-term, mutually beneficial agreement”.

He added “ Over the past decades, we have, together with British colleagues, built a fragile equilibrium preserving both the sustainability of fish stocks and the livelihoods of fishermen. Make no mistake, any upset to that balance will have very real consequences for fish stocks and fishermen in both the EU and the UK”.

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European Fishermen welcome the European Council’s strong position

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