'Taste the Ocean' the sustainable seafood consumption campaigh from the European Commission

Taste the Ocean the sustainable seafood consumption campaigh from the European Commission

The European Commission has launched ‘Taste the Ocean’, a brand new social media campaign in which top chefs promote the consumption of sustainably caught or produced fish and seafood.

The campaign comes at a time when fishers and aquaculture producers are struggling for survival, after nearly one year of lockdown or closure of restaurants and catering – the prime outlets for their products.

But more than just promoting fish consumption, the European Commission wants to create awareness among consumers about the importance of local, seasonal and sustainable consumption. When produced or harvested correctly, fish and seafood can have an important place in a sustainable diet, with an environmental and carbon footprint much lower than most land-based animal protein. Moreover, the production of shellfish such as mussels or oysters can even help prevent coastal erosion, an increasing problem in many European coastal areas.

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Brian J McMullin Solicitors

Over the coming three months, top chefs from nine EU countries will share their recipes made with various kinds of delicious fish or shellfish from fisheries and aquaculture. More countries will follow in a next season, still planned for this year. During the campaign, the Commission will put the limelight on the beauty of the fisheries and aquaculture sector, but also their challenges and complexities.

Hopefully, it will lead to a better understanding and, who knows, a passionate conversation at the fish monger!


European Commission launches ‘Taste the Ocean’ seafood campaign

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