Our Fish has called on the EU, Norway and UK to deliver on Leaders Pledge for Nature This Week by Ending Overfishing

Our Fish has called on the EU, Norway and UK to deliver on Leaders Pledge for Nature This Week by Ending Overfishing

As officials from the EU, Norway and the UK meet virtually this week to negotiate fishing limits for shared fish populations in 2021, the Our Fish campaign today called on all three parties to make 2021 the year they collectively fish within scientific advice.

A recent analysis of joint EU, Norwegian and UK fishing practices, published by Our Fish, demonstrates how for the last 20 years, Norway and the EU, including the UK, have consistently set annual fishing limits for shared stocks above scientific advice. On average, Total Allowable Catches (TACs) as part of the EU-Norway Agreement exceed scientific advice by an average of 11% between 2001 and 2020. 

“2021 will be different for the EU, Norway and the UK on many fronts – one of these changes must include a new commitment to end overfishing of shared fish populations, in order to ensure their common seas can continue to support jobs and communities on all our coasts, and to build the resilience needed to bolster our oceans against the pressure of climate change”, said Our Fish Programme Director Rebecca Hubbard. 

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“Our Fish is calling on the EU to deliver on its legal obligation to end overfishing, by working with Norway and the UK fishing limits within the scientific advice provided by ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea). Our analysis demonstrates clear proof of overfishing – and all three parties bear responsibility for this.” 

“Instead of Norway blaming the EU and UK for uncontrolled discarding of fish at sea, while the EU and the UK blame Norway for pushing fishing limits above scientific advice for Maximum Sustainable Yield, all three must work together for their common, mutually beneficial objective of ending overfishing, and to show global leadership on ocean and climate action”.

“The fishing limits for iconic fish such as North Sea cod will be decided during these negotiations – this is the moment for the UK, the EU and Norway to restore ocean health and deliver on their recent Leaders Pledge for Nature by putting a clear and definite stop to overfishing. This is their chance to show they are serious, and not just full of hot air.” 

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EU, Norway and UK Can Deliver on Leaders Pledge by Ending Overfishing

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