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The EU Commission has confirmed that it is working with the Irish Government on access to UK waters for Irish registered fishing vessels. Photo: Oliver McBride

The EU Commission has said it is seeking to get all Irish fishing vessels licenced to fish in UK waters.

EU Commission Coordinating Spokesperson, Vivian Loonela told The Fishing Daily “The Commission is working closely with the Irish authorities to ensure that the necessary lists of Irish Fishing vessels which have access to fish in the waters of the UK EEZ shall be communicated to the UK Single Licensing Authority in view of obtaining an authorisation or licence to fish in accordance with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement concluded between the EU and the UK.

“As the agreement was only concluded on the 24th of December 2020, in agreement with the Irish authorities, a first list of priority vessels was notified for which an authorisation was obtained in accordance with the UK licensing conditions. This priority list targeted those vessels which required immediate access. At present, additional priority lists are being prepared which will be communicated to the UK without delay.”

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EU Commission Coordinating Spokesperson, Vivian Loonela

Many fishing vessel owners had taken issue with the priority list of 140 vessels, as it had left off Irish fishing boats which were not members of Fish Producers Organisation but traditionally worked in UK waters, and instead included vessels which were too small to travel to UK waters from their home ports or vessels that never had operated in UK waters.

This has caused concern for fishermen like Paddy Mulvany of the Kristel Patrick  S 155, who spends every January working in The Smalls off the west coast of the UK.

It has been confirmed that the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) that a list of 40 more boats, including the Kristel Patrick, has been submitted to the UK licencing authorities. As of this morning there has been no indication whether the second list has been accepted or whether the UK has decided to cap the number of vessels from Ireland at the present figures.

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EU Commission working to get UK access for Irish Registered Fishing Vessels

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