The SFPA has submitted their revised Control Plan to the EU Commission following consultation with the Irish fishing industry

The SFPA has confirmed that the EU Commission has approved a control plan for spring pelagic fisheries

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) confirms that a control plan has been approved by the European Commission for implementation from 01 January to 30 April 2022 covering the spring pelagic fishery season, as well as demersal fishing activity.

During this period, the SFPA will continue its work towards securing European Commission approval of a permanent control plan that will provide certainty for the industry along with eliminating concerns on Ireland’s control measures and will minimize the risk of the industry’s non-compliance with the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy, which led to the Commission’s revoking of Ireland’s control plan earlier this year.

During the first four months of the new year, the SFPA will continue to engage with the Commission and industry on developing a fair and effective permanent control plan.

On the 16 April, the EU Commission revoked ‘the control plan’, a derogation which allowed the Irish fishing industry to weigh fishery products after transport from the place of landing.

This news came as a bombshell to the fishing industry as the Commission’s decision had severe ramifications for the pelagic, whitefish and shellfish sectors.

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Brian J McMullin Solicitors

The EU Commission based their decision on their audit in Ireland in 2018 aimed at monitoring the implementation of Ireland’s controls for Pelagic fisheries. The claimed their findings in that audit identified irregularities, including the manipulation of weighing systems in some instances, that were subsequently confirmed by the administrative inquiry conducted by the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority.

In June, the SFPA launched a public consultation on a new fisheries controil plan, and in October a new plan was submitted, although it was reported that the Commission had rejected it initially.

Details on the temporary sea-fisheries control plan have not been issued so far.

Source: Press Release

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EU Commission approves control plan for spring pelagic & demersal fisheries

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