The Dutch fishing industry claims the research shows the European Parliament was wrong to ban electric-pulse fishing in the North Sea political agenda back

Electric-pulse fishing is back on the political agenda claims Dutch fishing lobbyists despite an EU wide ban on the controversial fishing method

Electric-pulse fishing is back on the political agenda claims Dutch fishing, despite a resounding “No” to the controversial fishing method from across other EU member states and its institutions.

Nederlandse Vissersbond writes, “Despite the pulse ban, pulse fishing must not be forgotten and must be put back on the political agenda as soon as possible. Peter van Dalen, member of the European Parliament of the ChristenUnie, contributed to this by organizing a meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday 28 March. The main topic was a presentation by Dr. Pim Boute, who recently obtained his PhD for his research into the effects of the pulse on marine organisms.”

Nederlandse Vissersbond reports the “Signals are green” for electric-pulse fishing despite it causing fractures to certain size of cod, they say:

“The presentation confirmed what previous research also showed: the scientific signals for pulse fishing are green. Boute drew attention to the fact that many studied species of fish and benthos do not experience any negative effects from exposure to the pulse and also mentioned the damage to a limited part of the caught cod. Earlier research has also shown that a certain size class of cod can suffer a fracture in the spine after exposure to the pulse. Is this the big problem for the pulse? No, certainly not if we consider that this size cod is taken along by the fishermen anyway and more importantly, Boute emphasized that the pulse, the electrical stimulation, only has its effect within the net. Fish and other species outside the net are therefore not exposed to the pulse.”

Nederlandse Vissersbond says Dutch fishermen blame the NGO, BLOOM for their woes and say that Dutch fishing particularly, electric-pulse fishing, fly-shooting and any ‘industrial fishing’ is a target for the NGO.

“So what is the problem with quickly removing the pulse technology from the shed and bringing it on board? This also became clear during the meeting through input from the activist NGO BLOOM, which previously spearheaded the counter-offensive against the pulse. The representatives of BLOOM showed that they were not willing to listen and the objections of 5 years ago were read again. Incidentally, it was also announced that they were not only against pulse fishing, but also what they regarded as ‘industrial fishing’ and fly-shooting. This party simply has the technique to play fishermen off against each other, which they have succeeded quite well so far.”

The EU unjustly sacrificed a good fishing technique says Dutch MEP, Peter van Dalen:

Nederlandse Vissersbond  says, “Van Dalen stated that eyes should open now that the pressure on bottom fishing is increasing due to the plans of the European Commission. At some point, it must be thought in Brussels that they have unjustly sacrificed good fishing technique? In any case, Van Dalen is doing his utmost, we already knew that, but it has now become clear again. During the meeting, Durk van Tuinen indicated that the Dutch fisheries sector wants to enter the renewed discussion with an open mind. The sector wants to accommodate fellow fisheries and during the meeting a helping hand was offered to the French colleagues. There will certainly be a follow-up to this soon.”

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