The EAPO has written to DG MARE regarding the break-even fuel costs in the STECF Annual Economic Report

The EAPO has written to DG MARE regarding the break-even fuel costs in the STECF Annual Economic Report

The European Association of Fish Producers Organisations (EAPO) has written to the Director-General of DG MARE, Charlina Vitcheva, regarding the break-even price of fuel in the Scientific Technical Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) Annual Economic Report.

The EAPO attended the Working Group 1 of the Market Advisory Council (MAC) which took place on Monday 19 September but left with questions after the STECF made its presentation on its Annual Economic Report.

Esben Sverdrup-Jensen wrote to the Director-General regarding the STECF’s forecast over their estimated break-even fuel prices for European fisheries, which was a lot greater than expected. He said:

“This presentation was very interesting as it provided an overview of the state of the European fishing fleet as well as forecasts of the impact of the ongoing fuel crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“At the end of this presentation, Raúl Prellezo showed us the result of a request to estimate the break-even fuel price for European fisheries. To our surprise, the computed result was 1.17 € per litre of fuel at European level. Members of EAPO were quite puzzled by the calculations at the very steep increase from 0.60 € per litre previously used as the standard within the EU.

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“With your recent request of strengthening the relations between the Commission and European fishers, we would like to ask for caution in publishing this result as it stands, in the next AER. As you know, European fishermen are facing an unprecedented crisis following COVID and Brexit that has resulted in the request for rapid implementation decommissioning schemes all around Europe and to vessels tying up. We fear that publishing a report that claims that 1.17 € is the break-even value, risks angering those fishers facing bankruptcy because of a fuel price much lower than 1.17.

“We kindly ask that STECF publishes along this figure a detailed overview of the break-even price at a segment level.

“We are available if needed to provide input as well as additional data.”

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EAPO questions DG MARE on break-even fuel costs in STECF report

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