A Dutch beam trawler has been reported to Danish police for serious violations. Photo: Willem den Heijer dutch pirates drug smuggling

Danish news outlet TV2 has accused Dutch “Pirates” of drug smuggling into the Danish ports. Photo: Willem den Heijer

Denmark’s Fishermen’s Association is surprised and worried about smuggling revelations and demands action

On Sunday evening, 18 June 2023, Danish news outlet TV2 brought story that Dutch drug cartels use beam trawlers to smuggle drugs via the ports of Thyborøn and Hanstholm. A revelation that comes as a surprise for the chairman of Denmark’s Fishermen’s Association, Svend-Erik Andersen.

TV2 revealed that using a system of buoys and small GPS transmitters, international smugglers dumped cocaine in Danish waters where Dutch beam trawlers brought it up and ashore in Danish ports.

Although the Danish Fishermen’s Association’s Chairman is calling this a surprise, TV2 reports that fishermen on the west coast have known about it, but were afraid to talk about.

TV2 reports:

“At the ports in West Jutland, there are stories that one of the locals has been threatened with his life in Thyborøn, and that at least three others have been beaten up by the so-called “pirates” in Hanstholm. TV 2 has confirmed the stories from several sources. But no one dares to say anything about why the Dutch fishermen got the exotic nickname.

“No one wants to get their name out there as they fear reprisals. Someone knows a little. Others almost nothing. And then there are those who know more than they want to. Those who have been very close.”

One of the cocaine fishermen is reported to have called the controls in Denmark “almost non-existent”.

In a press release, today, Monday 19 June, Danish Fishermen’s Association’s Chairman, Svend-Erik Andersen stated:

“It is shocking and surprising that this kind of thing should occur in the Danish ports. We strongly distance ourselves from that, and I urge the authorities to put everything into quickly and efficiently putting an end to smuggling and restoring security at the ports.”

Increased presence

The Danish Fishermen’s Association expect that the authorities, in the wake of the revelations, will increase the presence at the port and fortify security.

“I hope that the authorities take this matter extremely seriously, and I hope that we will see more police in the ports and an arming of the customs authorities, so that the smuggling will end. It is completely unacceptable, and in Danish fisheries we are happy to support the authorities in their work to the extent that it is possible for us,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

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