France Pélagique Concarneau Cancelled

A demonstration set to take place against fishing company France Pélagique today in the French port of Concarneau has been cancelled

The demonstration set to take place today in the French port of Concarneau by small-scale fishermen and NGO’s has been called off after the local authority there intervened.

A demonstration was organised to take place outside the offices of fishing company France Pélagique to coincide with the christening of the companies pelagic vessel Scombrus

In an article by the BLOOM Association ‘Prohibited Funerals: Power Under the Boot of the Dutch Industry’ the NGO wrote:

“The sentence is irrevocable. The funeral for artisanal fishing, co-organized by BLOOM, LIFE, the Plateforme de la Petite Pêche et Pleine Mer and which was to bring together many fishermen and citizens to denounce the baptism of the giant trawler SCOMBRUS of 81 meters, were prohibited by decree prefectural. The reason officially given is the risk of disturbing public order, which is curious to say the least for an event that promises to be peaceful. Our analysis is quite different, since the rumor, including from the main protagonist France Pélagique, that threats have been received. However, no complaint has been filed, nor any threat spotted on social networks.” 

“In line with the arrival under escort of the SCOMBRUS maritime gendarmerie in Concarneau yesterday, and its mooring area monitored by the police and prohibited from access, the Finistère prefecture is in turn serving Dutch private interests  ”says Frédéric Le Manach, scientific director of BLOOM.  

“It is a scandal to divert our taxes and our public services in this way to silence the words of French artisanal fishermen and citizens. The signal sent to citizens and fishermen is very bad, and this decision certainly does not risk easing tensions between artisanal fishermen and their gravediggers, the State included” commented Charles Braine, President of Association Pleine Mer.

Association Pleine Mer and its allies will instead hold a press conference in a café in Concarneau, and to follow this with a private gathering of fishermen and supporters.

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Demonstration against France Pélagique in Concarneau Cancelled

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