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Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen will travel to Skagen today, to meet with leaders of the fishing industry

The Brexit negotiations are tightening, and this could have major consequences for fisheries and the whole of North Jutland, writes the Danish Fish Producers Organisation.

With this backdrop, the organisation and the North Jutland Fisheries Network have invited Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen to Skagen today, where she will meet with the Mayor of Frederikshavn Municipality, Birgit S. Hansen, and the chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association, Svend-Erik Andersen.  

Here she will visit one of the fishermen who fears the consequences of Brexit, and hear about the challenges that the fishermen and the whole of North Jutland face.  As there is good reason for concern, Svend-Erik Andersen is pleased that the Prime Minister prioritises fishing at a time whenCOVID-19 understandably concerns everyone.

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“It means a lot to Danish fisheries that the Prime Minister personally fights for and supports the Danish fishermen and Danish fisheries, which are facing the biggest crisis in recent times. The fishery is under historical pressure. Danish fisheries derive about a third of the turnover in British waters. Failure to reach a proper agreement could result in thousands of people losing their jobs. Not only in the fishing industry, but also in all the follow-up industries. At the same time, Danish caught fish are the most sustainable in the world, so it does not matter whether it is Danish or foreign fishermen who land the catches,” says Svend-Erik Andersen. 

The concerns are echoed by Mayor Birgit S Hansen. In the North Jutland communities, fishing plays a special role. 

“The fishing and associated industries ensure that many northern people have a job to go to. A Brexit without an agreement could mean job losses. Fishing and the derived industries are of great importance to the fishing municipalities and to the rest of Denmark. I am pleased that the Prime Minister is focusing on the issues, and with the Prime Minister’s visit we will have the opportunity to discuss the consequences of a Brexit without an agreement” says Mayor of Frederikshavn Municipality and Chairman of the North Jutland Fisheries Network, Birgit S. Hansen.


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