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French MEP and PECH Committee Chair, Pierre Karleskind (left), along with Danish MEP, Asger Christensen (right) met with EU Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius (centre) to urge for EU action over the UK sandeel fishing ban

EU Urged to Take Action Against UK Fishing Restrictions: Danish MEP Calls Out Breach of Brexit Agreement

Danish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Asger Christensen has strongly criticised the United Kingdom for imposing restrictions on Danish fishermen, alleging a breach of the joint Brexit agreement between the EU and the UK.

In a passionate debate post, Christensen highlighted the plight of Danish fishermen who are currently unable to fish their allocated quota in British waters, despite having purchased and paid for it. He described this situation as daylight robbery, asserting that the UK’s actions are aimed at harming European fishermen, particularly those from Denmark.

Christensen dismissed the UK’s justification for the fishing restrictions, citing research indicating minimal impact of the fishing activity on the seabird population purportedly being protected by the UK’s measures. He accused the UK of prioritising political agendas over genuine environmental concerns.

Emphasising the seriousness of the issue, Christensen states:

“It is a clear breach of our joint Brexit agreement that Danish fishermen are not allowed to fish their quota (which, by the way, has been bought and paid for). It is simply daylight robbery. When Britain disregards the agreement, it is once again Danish fishermen who pay the price.”

Christensen revealed his efforts to address the situation, including meetings with the European Commission and advocating for Commission involvement in discussions within the Fisheries Committee. He urged the Commission to take decisive action to support fishermen and ensure compliance with the Brexit agreement, saying:

“The Commission has repeatedly said that they are working internally on the matter. Discussing and analysing. Pure talk. Now there must be action on the table. Fishermen need to know that they have the full support of the Commission.”

Calling for tangible steps to be taken, Christensen demanded that the EU utilise its legal mechanisms to hold the UK accountable for breaching the agreement. He urged the EU to send a clear message that failure to uphold agreements would jeopardise the UK’s access to the EU’s internal market.

In conclusion, Christensen urged swift action from the EU, emphasising the importance of demonstrating the union’s commitment to upholding agreements and protecting the interests of its members. He says:

“The EU must send a clear signal that if Britain does not want a good and close cooperation and adhere to our agreements, they can forget about access to our internal market. Now is the time to show that we take ourselves seriously in the union.”


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