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The Danish fishing industry has welcomed the announcement of the Fisheries Commission

The Danish Minister for Food, Fisheries and Agriculture, Rasmus Prehn has announced the members who will sit on the Fisheries Commission. 

The Commission was set up in connection with the agreement on the use of the Brexit reserve for the fisheries sector, and its purpose is to come up with proposals for how the structural, economic and environmental challenges facing Danish fisheries after Brexit can be resolved.

The Fisheries Commission is headed by Lars Barfoed. The commission consists of a number of experts from the country’s universities and other people with knowledge and insight in the food area. Just as in the Nature and Agriculture Commission, the professions are not represented in the Fisheries Commission, as it is an independent commission. The Nature and Agriculture Commission’s recommendations led to a number of major changes in the regulation of agriculture, which agriculture had long wanted, and it is hoped that the Fisheries Commission can leave a similar mark in the fishing industry.

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Welcoming the establishment of the Fisheries Commission, Minister Prehn said:

“Danish fishing is under enormous pressure these years. Unfortunately, Brexit has proved to be of enormous importance for the Danish fishermen, because the fishing quotas were reduced. At the same time, a number of fish stocks in the oceans are under pressure and fuel prices are rising.

“It is therefore the alpha omega for the future of fishing in Denmark that we find the right solutions on how to create economically and environmentally sustainable fishing in the future. As a Danish minister of fisheries, I am therefore incredibly happy that we have now come to an end with the new fisheries commission.

“I am completely convinced that Lars Barfoed, together with the other members of the commission, can help recreate and future secure Danish fisherman

The Fisheries Commission has been welcomed throughout the fishing industry while it is unanimously emphasised that it is crucial that the members of the Fisheries Commission will all listen to the people who are employed in the fishing sector, regardless of whether it is a fisherman, a factory worker or a fishmonger , as it is the group of people who know the most about the issues that must be dealt with on a daily basis. Therefore, the call from the fishing sector is clear: the members of the Fisheries Commission must go out and experience the reality in which the fishing industry operates.

“I would like to congratulate all the members of the fisheries commission. It is a big and important task they have been given. I definitely believe that the members can take on the task, and I look forward to the collaboration. It is absolutely crucial that a close dialogue is established as soon as possible with the fishing industry so that the members of the Fisheries Commission can gain an understanding of what it is that fishermen face on a daily basis. This, I believe, is a prerequisite for the commission to be successful, and we would like to contribute as much as possible. Therefore, I also hope that the members are ready to join the Danish fishermen on the sea and get a glimpse of what it means to be a fisherman in Denmark in the year 2022,” says chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association, Svend-Erik Andersen.

“We look forward to close cooperation with the Fisheries Commission as part of the commission’s follow-up group. The commission’s work and task are not clearly defined. Therefore, the commission’s work must be developed in dialogue with us in the profession and other stakeholders. It is a process for which we have high expectations and in which we want to get deeply involved,” says director Esben Sverdrup-Jensen.

“The Danish fishing and processing industry faces numerous challenges, and it is an important and extremely current task that the commission has been put in charge of. Like fishing, Danish fishery processing is under pressure from many sides, and the commission’s work must also address the financial sustainability, stability and business models of fishing companies. We can only encourage that in its future work the commission also genuinely looks at the fishing industry as a necessary and important part of the sales chain in order to ensure a sustainable (also economic) basis for fishing in the future, and that it addresses the special challenges that lie with industry on land,” says Anne Mette Bæk, director of Marine Ingredients Denmark.

“It is very good that the Fisheries Commission is now in place, and I hope it is ready to put on the work gloves. The last three years have been a long adjustment process with Brexit, Corona and war in Ukraine, and the reality of the fishing industry has changed, so there is a need for new thinking. I am therefore looking forward to the collaboration and to showing this industry to the members of the commission in such a way that it can see the case and gain insight into the challenges we face,” says director of the Danish Seafood Association Poul Melgaard Jensen.

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Danish fishing industry welcomes the establishment of Fisheries Commission

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