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Conservatives reject Labour amendment to UK Fisheries Bill that would ban supertrawlers over 100 metres from Marine Protected Areas

The Conservative Party have voted down a Labour amendment to the Fisheries Bill that would have seen supertrawlers over 100 metres banned from marine protected areas (MPAs).

Supertrawlers operating in MPAs have been an issue of controversy for some time now. Greenpeace and other conservation groups have argued for the removal of these large factory processing fishing vessels from protected areas. 

In reaction to the vote, Labour MP and Fisheries Committee member, Luke Pollard tweeted “Conservative MPs have just defeated Labour’s amendment to ban supertrawlers over 100m fishing in the UK’s marine protected areas. Our amendment would have delivered @GreenpeaceUK’s supertrawler campaign. With such huge public support for this campaign this is a disappointing move.”

The Fisheries Committee are again meeting this morning with Labour MPs arguing for more support for small fishers and coastal communities. 

Another Labour amendment that was voted down by the Conservatives today would have encouraged more investment in fishing port infrastructure around the UK.

On the issue of improving port infrastructure, Labour MP Luke Pollard tweeted “First vote of the day and Tory MPs have voted down a Labour amendment that would have encouraged more investment in Britain’s port infrastructure. Another bizarre decision that makes job creation in coastal communities harder #FisheriesBill”.

Last week the Conservatives voted to remove a “sustainability clause” from the Fisheries Bill that would ensure the protection of fish stocks in UK waters.

The Conservatives also voted to remove Clause 27 from the Fisheries Bill. The clause was designed to allocate more fishing quota to new entrants and boats under 10 metres.

On that occasion Pollard tweeted “It seems Tories are opposed to every measure that would help create jobs in our coastal towns in this bill. How odd.”On the Tories failure to back a clause that would mean more fish landed into UK fishing ports he tweeted “Back in the #FisheriesBill committee. Today Labour MPs will be seeking to protect a clause that would see more fish landed in UK ports.”

He continued:

“Bizarrely the Tories are arguing that more jobs should be created in foreign ports by not requiring fish caught in our waters to be landed here.

“Conservative MPs now opposing Labour’s jobs in coastal communities amendment – bizarrely Tory MPs backing boats landing huge amounts of fish caught in our waters in foreign ports. The Conservatives are exporting jobs which is a clear betrayal of our coastal towns

“Tory MPs now argue that it is OK that foreign ports get the jobs they promised British ports would get with Brexit. Bizarre reversal of their usual Brexit arguments. Labour is arguing to land more fish in British ports creating more jobs in coastal communities 

“Tory MPs now voting against creating jobs in British ports by requiring more fish to be landed here. Bizarre the Tories are betraying coastal communities and the promises they made during Brexit to those towns.”


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Conservatives Reject Fisheries Bill Amendment to Ban Supertrawlers

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